First Snow

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We had our first snow of the year  on Friday. It started with sleet and ice on Thursday during drive time home (fun, fun, fun, rednecks on ice!) and the snow started early Friday. Rather than play bumper cars I worked from home. I just love having that option.

Snowman Christmas

And I shoveled the driveway. It was a wet snow and it pretty much did me in. And again, for the thirteen years that we have lived in the house our driveway was shoveled first. Then three of my neighbors came out and shoveled theirs. I think I shamed them into it. I don’t feel bad, they shame me into mowing my yard in the summer. Our four driveways were the only ones shoveled in our part of the neighborhood.

Snowman Christmas

I was glad we had put our Christmas lights up outside while it was still warm. I hate putting up lights when it is cold and it is impossible with snow. It is not supposed to get above freezing until Wednesday. Oh, I’m already hearing the moans of sympathy from those who live in Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, and Maine for me having to bear our brutish temperatures.

Snowman Christmas

So I turned on the outside lights while I shoveled. Sorry, I think lights with snow is pretty.

Snowman Christmas

Inside I got our gas log going. That’s Chrissy the Christmas Cat, our big, fat, lazy, Maine Coon. She’s going to not move from that fireplace except for eating and pooping until April.

Snowman Christmas

Heather worked hard decorating the house all day. She does a heck of a job and I’ll post some of her handiwork later. She has quite a collection of snowmen. These are just a few. She says she needs a snowman clock for kitchen and you know I think she does. Maybe we can get out today. The street in front is a solid sheet of ice but maybe it will be passable once the sun gets up.


The annual University of Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State University football game (called the Bedlam game) is being played today at 11 am. It is going to be below 20 degrees at game time. Lots of people I know are going. Those are known as crazy people. I just can’t imagine being interested in going to a game and freezing in a crowd. I am a casual fan of both teams. I prefer the professional version of the sport personally. Uh, I mean, the National Football League version. 

So, how is Winter going for you so far?

14 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Laloofah

    Chrissy the cat and some of your neighbors might disagree, but I think the snow makes things look so much more festive! And definitely makes the Christmas lights prettier, as well as your very handsome house, which I think looks very much at home in the snow! (Love those big window shutters you have!) In fact, that first photo gives me the impression that yours is a country house in England, but I wasn’t going to mention that in case it sounded a little crazy, till my Okie husband just joined me at the computer and made that very observation himself! 🙂

    And you won’t hear any sarcastic moans of false sympathy from me. This sort of weather is much more challenging, even when there’s less snow and the temps are less severe than what we’re dealing with (-27º here this morning), when you’re not used to it and not well equipped for it. At least you should be enjoying much milder temps soon – meanwhile, drive safe – or better yet, stay snug by the fire with Chrissy and enjoy the lovely view from your wonderful windows! 🙂

  2. Beth Edwards

    wow, that is great that you can work from home … wish others could too!! seems so much safer in situations with terrible weather out. i love fresh fallen snow. so fun & lovely. ( :

  3. Sylvia K

    Ah, it does look COLD!! We’re in the low teens here in Portland, had a little snow yesterday, but it’s gone now — still cold — 15 degrees!! I love your Christmas decorations!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Stay warm!!!

  4. Christina

    I hope that’s the extent of our winter! Glad you could work from home Friday. I like the shot of your Christmas lights framing the window where your Christmas tree is.

  5. DrillerAA09

    LOVE the new header photo.
    I measured 9″ of snow on the hood of my truck. I actually have a neighbor that has a blade on his lawn tractor and he clears every driveway on our circle.
    I do agree, Christmas lights look very cool under the snow. Have a blessed week-end.

  6. Sandy Carlson

    All that warm you have going on down there, and you get snow way before us. I am jealous. Very.

    Your decorations look great.

    We’re going for a live Christmas around here with poinsettias, cactus, and little trees. Poor Adella wants something to hang something else on, so up went the fake tree… Maybe we’ll get the snow and a day that will give us time to decorate it!

  7. Lois Evensen

    Very pretty. We just got our first snow yesterday, too. We stayed home today and will do the same tomorrow. The Christmas party we planned to attend tomorrow has been rescheduled since most of the people wouldn’t have driven in the snow anyway. We look forward to a relaxing day at home by the fire. 🙂

  8. Gaelyn

    It’s very pretty and all but I’m with Chrissy. Snowing here tonight. Why am I not already in South Africa where it’s summer?

  9. Leedslass

    If the UK had snow like that we’d grind to a halt (we always do).
    Love your outside light showing off your indoor lights, de-LIGHT-ful. I tried to make that into one word but the computer insisted on making it all lower case!

    I’m with the cat, that’s my intended place to be when our snow comes.

  10. Ellen

    I don’t think there’s much of anything prettier than Christmas lights in the snow. Unfortunately we didn’t get our lights up before the big freeze so it will be another week before we get them up. I think Chrissy has the right idea. I’m pretty much parked out in front of our space heater until it warms up a bit.

  11. EG CameraGirl

    “Rednecks on ice” made me laugh! Actually, Canadians aren’t great on ice during the first snowstorm of the year either. They forget, truly forget, that they need to slow down.

    How festive to turn on the lights while you shoveled snow. I may suggest that my husband try that. ;)) Chrissy is one very SMART cat.

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