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First Snow

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We had our first snow of the year  on Friday. It started with sleet and ice on Thursday during drive time home (fun, fun, fun, rednecks on ice!) and the snow started early Friday. Rather than play bumper cars I worked from home. I just love having that option.

Snowman Christmas

And I shoveled the driveway. It was a wet snow and it pretty much did me in. And again, for the thirteen years that we have lived in the house our driveway was shoveled first. Then three of my neighbors came out and shoveled theirs. I think I shamed them into it. I don’t feel bad, they shame me into mowing my yard in the summer. Our four driveways were the only ones shoveled in our part of the neighborhood.

Snowman Christmas

I was glad we had put our Christmas lights up outside while it was still warm. I hate putting up lights when it is cold and it is impossible with snow. It is not supposed to get above freezing until Wednesday. Oh, I’m already hearing the moans of sympathy from those who live in Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, and Maine for me having to bear our brutish temperatures.

Snowman Christmas

So I turned on the outside lights while I shoveled. Sorry, I think lights with snow is pretty.

Snowman Christmas

Inside I got our gas log going. That’s Chrissy the Christmas Cat, our big, fat, lazy, Maine Coon. She’s going to not move from that fireplace except for eating and pooping until April.

Snowman Christmas

Heather worked hard decorating the house all day. She does a heck of a job and I’ll post some of her handiwork later. She has quite a collection of snowmen. These are just a few. She says she needs a snowman clock for kitchen and you know I think she does. Maybe we can get out today. The street in front is a solid sheet of ice but maybe it will be passable once the sun gets up.


The annual University of Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State University football game (called the Bedlam game) is being played today at 11 am. It is going to be below 20 degrees at game time. Lots of people I know are going. Those are known as crazy people. I just can’t imagine being interested in going to a game and freezing in a crowd. I am a casual fan of both teams. I prefer the professional version of the sport personally. Uh, I mean, the National Football League version. 

So, how is Winter going for you so far?

Thanksgiving 2013

The numbers for Thanksgiving ebb and flow and this year it was a smaller group which is fine. We were small but mighty. Brother Bob came up from Corpus Christi and my Dad Gramps flew down from Idaho. We convened at Nana’s house just a few miles away for a meal of great food and fellowship.
2013 Thanksgiving  People PicMonkey Collage

I was the official event photographer. I work really cheap. 


Heather and her mother Nana made the magic happen. My goodness we had a lot of food. I smoked a turkey, Nana provided a smoked ham and a hen, we had noodles, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, purple hull peas, cranberry sauce, rolls,  and on and on. Oh yes, the deserts we had pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, and bread pudding, and oh yes, asparagus.

2013 Thanksgiving Food PicMonkey Collage

Yep, we got plenty of leftovers. 


These two mutts didn’t get to go to Nana’s house. 


This one did, Rascal was pretty proud of himself. The other two were a little growly toward him when we got back home.

We are really blessed to be able to be together. Not everybody is so fortunate.


And of course, if you haven’t heard before, the agents of everything good in the universe, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the godless heathen Oakland Raiders.


Outside the stadium Tom was standing a little taller, and it looked he was almost smiling. 

So all is right with the world.



Saturday night is the time for the annual Bedlam football game between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. I didn’t go to either school but I enjoy watching it. I just want it be a good game. If either team played defense the game might even be interesting. This was supposed to be a big year for OU but they stumbled. OSU was going strong and they had a small lapse. So this game is about bragging rights in Oklahoma and the championship of the Big 12 Conference. Over the years OU has dominated OSU, winning 76 games, losing only 17, with 7 ties. I enjoy teasing fans of both teams and generally keeping the pot stirred.

I just hope that it is a good game.

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Boomer Sooner!

At the Autism Center of Tulsas Smarts and Arts trivia game fundraiser last Friday a University of Oklahoma football helmet signed by head coach Bob Stoops was one of the top items in the Silent Auction.


Fellow blogger and chair of the event, Jonni, demonstrates how the helmet is used. As you can tell from her shirt Jonni is a Sooner. Don’t feel sorry for though as she has mostly overcome that.

(Photo ripped off by me from Jonni’s Facebook page)

Ruby Tuesday

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The Biggest Mistake Daddy Ever Made, with apologies to OU and Texas fans everywhere.

I don’t normally post about sports much, especially college football. But I heard something on the beach last month in Gulf Shores, Alabama that presaged the news about Texas A&M University leaving the Big 12 Conference for the Southeast Conference.


You see I was hanging out on the beach, engaging in my favorite sport of listening in on other people’s conversations. My favorite eavesdropping is mother-daughter fights, second is spousal spatting.

Nothing like that was going on but there was a guy, maybe a decade younger than me who was talking to some college age guys. He was trying to be all cool and that. What is it about guys that think that when they are fat and forties that somehow the’ll get mistaken for 19 and cool? Yeah, I don’t know either.

Anyways, he asked the guys if they were in college and they said yes, most attending the University of Alabama and a few from Louisiana State University (“LSU”). Oh, my guy thought that was great. He said those were fine schools.

He informed them that his daddy went to Tulane University. He said that his daddy regretted that his entire life. He said  that Tulane was a fine university and all that but where he really wanted to go was LSU. He made the mistake of putting academics over football and his daddy thought that was the biggest mistake he ever made.

“You see guys”, my friend told the college men, academics is great but when you tell people that you went to a great football school like LSU or Alabama, either one, people look up to you. They give you a more regard than if you went somewhere like Tulane. I mean, nothing wrong with Tulane mind you, but it is not anything special, not like LSU or Alabama.

He explained that when it came time to pick a college his family had moved from New Orleans to Houston. He said that at the time Texas A&M University was an up and coming football school. He told them, “You know, I thought I had it figured out. The A&M alumni, can raise the money like nobody’s business. You know it takes a huge amount of money to be competitive at football. I thought I would follow the money.”

Then he said, “You know guys, it just hasn’t worked out like I thought it would.” They have never really moved up into the big time. They just haven’t got it done. And you know it has cost me, they only people that ever get excited about me going to A&M is other Aggies. Others just don’t seem to care, I don’t get that look of respect in people’s eyes like an Alabama or an LSU man. If anything, they smile and ask if I grew up on a farm and then they start telling Aggie jokes. You know, some of my fellow Aggies love Aggie jokes but I don’t see what is so great about being the butt of everybody’s jokes. No sir, it just hasn’t worked out like I thought it would.”

“And you know something else guys, the thing that really surprised me is that the Big 12 Conference hasn’t really dominated. They don’t have the respect like the Southeast Conference has. I mean the Southeast Conference is powerful every year, they are a force to be reckoned with. And so A&M at best is a second tier team in a second tier conference. That’s not good guys.”

“I mean they have Texas and Oklahoma and all that but those teams are living on past glory. They are not consistent.  I mean Darrell Royal and Bud Wilkinson are long gone. There is nothing wrong with those schools, mind you guys, but they are not consistent. They do well for a little while but they fade.”

“I’ll tell you one thing guys, LSU and Alabama may not win National Championship games every year, but they would never lose to a glorified NAIA team like Boise State in a National Championship. Nope, you will never see them bite down hard on a sucker play like OU did on the last play of the game and blow it all on National Television in front of the whole dad burned world.”

“So I’m proud of you guys, school can be hard but you have to stick it through to the end. Get your degree and you’ll see what I’m talking about. LSU and Alabama men are respected because they come from great football teams. It hasn’t quite worked out for me. I’m not complaining but I think things would have worked out better for me if I had gone to the schools you guys are going to.”

Hey dear readers, don’t blame me, I’m just reporting the facts.

Old School Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here. My Dad, Gramps, flew down from Idaho and Wednesday we all drove down to Little Dixie to have Thanksgiving with Sweetie’s Mom, Nana. We had a pretty good time.

Desserts. Note that these were for about five people. Works out to about two person. Plus a few people stopped by to visit.
Lots of dogs. For some reason they piled on me.

Nana lives in an old school neighborhood. They have big trees and sidewalks.

While there, we “men” went out to the Kiamichi Wilderness to check out a monument a site where four British airmen crashed and died during a training flight during World War II. It also the site of a geocache that SuperPizzaBoy and I placed a few months ago. It is way off in the boonies, only four people have found it.

The security guy at the gate into the wilderness invited us to visit their new Fire Station. So we had to go see it. While there SPB got incarcerated for violating the wilderness holiday videogame prohibition. We had to leave him there. I told him that a judge would have to set bail and they don’t work on holidays. I hope that he does ok.

Nana was the gracious hostess as always. She keeps asking me where her grandson is.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without holding a baby. Sweetie is wondering just when do sweet 5 month old boys turn into stinky, farting, 10 year olds. It may be a while before we get SPB out of jail.

Friday, if all goes well, we head back home. I don’t know if SPB is going with us or not.
And of course, the Dallas Cowboys won.
Amen .

Twilight Something

I feel left out. Half the posts in the blogosphere since late last week have Twilight in the title. Twilight dreams, Twilight this, Twilight that. To add to it all Sweetie decided to go see the Twilight movie with some other ladies Sunday night. She said that she and I couldn’t go together sometime because “I hadn’t read the book so I wouldn’t understand.”

Enough already, there is no law that says that I have to have read the book or go see the movie in order to have a blog post that says “Twilight” in it.

SuperPizzaBoy decided to go have a burger while Sweetie was watching the movie. So we head off to Fuddruckers. It is not one of our usual spots but its close to the house. We both ordered burgers and SPB ordered a shake. They shook him up on the shake by bringing a glass with the shake and the “extra” in the steel blender. He told the guy that there was a mistake.

Poor kid had never run into that before but he got used to it very quickly.

Afterward he played with the “King” for a little bit.

Then we went home. Don’t want to miss Sunday night football.

Football Season is here again

See you in the Spring Sweetie! Bye Bye son! The Dallas Cowboys have started another season. This time by trouncing the Cleveland Browns.

Other sports are just to fill in time between football seasons. College Football is for College Kids. Other professional teams are merely opponents for Dallas. Other teams are measured only by their ability to play against the Cowboys. If they beat Dallas, then they are a good team. If they lose, well that is to be expected.

I never ask anybody if they are a Cowboy fan. If they are I’ll find out soon enough. If they are not, they would just be embarrassed.

Life will be a lot simpler the next few months. You can tell by looking at me on Monday how Sunday went.

I guess that I could be a college football fan if the school I went to, the University of New Mexico was any good. When they have a winning season they act like they won the national championship. I’ve lived over 30 years in Texas and Oklahoma and UNM’s teams just cannot compete against the worst from either state. I enjoy watching the Sooners and am pleased when they do well, but it doesn’t affect me personally one way or the other if they lose.

So, those that know me will just have to put up with me for a few weeks and then I’ll get back to normal.