I Figured it Out – All by Myself

I have been so jealous of Georgie of Decisionally Challenged. Not only does her blog rock, she has those cool heart symbols framing her name.

I had been pondering that. Not because I want hearts but because I wanted to know how to do it.

I finally figured it out, all by myself.

So I am experimenting with it. I will never come up with anything as cool as Georgie’s symbols and I probably will probably drop the symbol I’m using as soon as everybody gets through laughing and lampooning about it.

Georgie, I hope you don’t mind. This is just a phase I’m going through.

3 thoughts on “I Figured it Out – All by Myself

  1. ♥georgie♥

    awwwww Yogi…you are so sweet i am glad you figured out symbols…to be honest i only know the ♥ symbol which consists of hitting alt and the number 3 at the same time
    I ♥ the musical note you left at my place…

    YAY for Yogi!!!!
    you getting any bad weather your way yet? Stay warm

  2. Dawn

    Yogi, when I read this in my feed reader from my phone I laughed out loud!!!! I was just picturing pulling up your blog and seeing a lot of hearts on it! ROFL! whew! I’m relieved.

    Georgie is such a cool chick!

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