My World – Frisco 4500

I was chasing a geocache with a couple of friends just north of downtown Tulsa when we stumbled upon this old steam locomotive sitting unattended in the middle of nowhere. Talk about serendipity! What a find.

A little research showed that it is the Frisco 4500 being restored by the Townwest Sertoma Club. The locomotive was built in 1942 by Baldwin Locomotive Works. It worked first pulling Passenger Trains and then Freight until 1950.

In 1954 it was put on display at Tulsa Mohawk Park and stayed there until 2000. Since then it has been undergoing a slow restoration. Hopefully, it will be moved to another park for public viewing again.

Read all the details on the Sertoma Club Website.

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20 thoughts on “My World – Frisco 4500

  1. Robert V. Sobczak

    Isn’t it always the case in life that one adventure leads to another … leads to another … leads to another. Now if we could only get our trains to the stations we set out for … but that wouldn’t be any fun.

  2. Louise

    You are right. What a find! I letterbox, and my favorite thing about it is the things that I’ve seen that I never would have without going on the hunt.

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