Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

It’s the weekend and if you are looking for a romantic comedy this weekend for date night try Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. They play Jim and Lauren, single parents. The movie opens with them on the worst blind date ever. The date ends with each of them vowing to never see each other again but a series of events happens where they end up accidentally on a blended family resort in Africa. And of course the vacation starts out with Jim and his three girls and Lauren and her two boys not liking each other but then the magic of movies starts right?

There is the main romantic thing going and then there all sorts of eddys and swirls with other stories in the background. I am not generally a fan of romantic comedies but I am a huge Drew Barrymore fan. She is great in this movie. I don’t generally like Adam Sandler but he plays an excellent clod. There are lots of things in the movie that are genuinely funny. For a twist Barrymore is the one who goes over the top instead of Sandler.

I give this movie three stars out of four. It is worth seeing. Everybody pretty much keeps there clothes on. It is rated PG13

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