Double Exposure – Appeal to the Great Spirit

The Great Spirit

This is a popular statue in Tulsa’s Woodward Park. I took my Lomography La Sardina film camera and took a shot with the sun behind the statue. I then turned 180 degrees and took a picture of the tree behind me without advancing the film. The tree image filled in the dark area of the statue. I thought it turned out pretty good.

What have you been experimenting with lately?

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12 thoughts on “Double Exposure – Appeal to the Great Spirit

  1. Sylvia K

    I think it’s a terrific shot and you are indeed having way too much fun!! Keep it up — you’re going to end up a professional photographer!!

  2. Leedslass

    Fascinating images but, sorry, I’m of that age when I can remember when most photographs turned out like this, but through fault and not deliberation). We had to PAY to see those images and then bin them as not being worthwhile. How times change.
    You ask what have we been doing lately? Well my daughter very kindly bought me a Kindle paperwhite for my birthday. I already have a common or garden Kindle – I’m having such a problem with the new gadget trying to download books – Amazon prefer my old one!!! Just wish I didn’t live in a retirement complex – I desperately need a six-year-old’s help.

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