The Powell Gardens of Kansas City

For the final day of our Fall Break Road Trip to Kansas City we ventured about 30 miles east of Kansas City to visit Powell Gardens. It was beautiful and I expected that but what I didn’t expect was the sense of humor. I love a sense of humor.


For example, have you ever really seen a Flower Bed? Not till now I expect.


Or how about some Fall Fun?


Or a Scarey Crow? I don’t really get along with people who don’t have a sense of humor. Or people who don’t like dogs or critters in general, or who don’t like art or flowers, or who don’t believe in something bigger than themselves! Just saying. I’m quite the bigot aren’t I. I don’t feel bad about it.


I loved their pumpkin carvings!


And this’ll keep those people out of the beds, surely? It kept me out I’ll tell you.


There is a simply beautiful little chapel on the grounds.


And all sorts of places to sit down and rest. I am at a place where I need rest. Gardens do that for me. (Not Gardening Sweetie, gardens!)


My road trip companions. I’d go with them anywhere.


You have to love gardens with mirrors. How do you like my hat?

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21 thoughts on “The Powell Gardens of Kansas City

  1. Sylvia K

    Such a fun, delightful post! Thank you for the smiles to begin a new week! you do have a wonderful sense of humor!! Have a great week! Enjoy — and I’m sure you will!!

  2. Leedslass

    What fun to wander around gardens with a sense of humour. This is an idea that should be encouraged world-wide.

    Love your hat – it definitely suits you.

  3. DrillerAA09

    The chapel is a Fay Jones design. It is very similar to others that he designed in Arkansas and Mississippi. The entire grounds look like someplace that one could spend the day enjoying.

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