Lucky Me! Anniversary Time

Heather Wedding_0001
(Yep, big on the Lucky Me)

Lucky me, twenty four years ago this beautiful woman became my wife.


(We dropped off the kid at Nana’s (the World’s greatest MIL (Can I really next parentheses, who is stopping me)) and had lunch.)

She and I have been through a bunch of ups and downs of all types and she has stood by me the whole time.

(One of the theaters in town has switched over to huge recliners. I’m putting together a movie bag for when we go next time. Jammies, Snuggie, Pillow, I’m going for it.)

We have moved a few times and had a child together and we have lost parents and went through other things, and she has never wavered. We have also shared a lot of great times and had lots of fun.

Alan Heather Dinner
(I know this looks strange but we were seated in a booth and it is hard to to lean across for a good shot in a booth so we took pictures of each other. We love to dress up and play grownups.)

She is my best friend and my confididante and most trusted advisor and my one person accountability group.

With Heather celebrating 24 years together

(The rooftop bar of the Mayo Hotel. Very cool place, very low light.)

I can’t imagine life without her.

Gearing up for annual #anniversary #bikeride

(My Sister Ellen informs me via Facebook that the bikes are bigger than the car. I think she is right.)

So we celebrated over several days, we ate, we watched movies, we went out to dinner at a really nice dressup place and then we went out for a grownup dinner.

(There I am jutting my chin out to minimize my double chins.What really worked best is tightening my chin strap up.)

We always go out for an Anniversary bike ride. Sometimes we do as many miles as we have been married. This time we only got 13.

(Introducing YogiCam!! Here I am about to pass somebody.)

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

11 thoughts on “Lucky Me! Anniversary Time

  1. Ellen

    It’s hard to believe that you guys have been married for 24 years. We, too, are very lucky to have your better half as part of our family. She is definitely my favorite SIL. I think it’s great that you guys celebrate like you do. Wishing you another 24 or more!

  2. Leedslass

    That left me with a lump in my throat and a smile on my face. A very happy anniversary to you both.
    P.S. you scrub up well – I’m used to seeing Sweetie looking good but you? Well, rarely if truth be known.

  3. Barb

    You really clean up great, Yogi! Sweetie is the most photogenic person I’ve ever known – never a bad photo of her. Happy Anniversary to a special couple – keep up the communication and the hard work it takes but also keep having fun. I hope that isn’t a BELL on your bike, Yogi????

  4. Gaelyn

    You are both so fortunate to have found this wonderful match and make it work, together. Sweetie is more beautiful than the day you married her, if that’s possible. Happy 24th! May you triple that many.

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