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Silver Anniversary

Well 25 years ago I robbed the cradle, some said.

Heather Birthday 1

Not Really!!! But I did get married to the love of my life.

Heather Wedding_0001

Isn’t Heather¬†beautiful?


Of course I’m quite a catch also, right? Right, Right, …. Cmon, someone throw me a bone!


And then a few years later along came our little bundle of … Well his name was Logan!!


At least he would go geocaching with me. Until he wised up at least.

Alan and Heather

Heather is a lot of fun. I mean a lot of fun.


She is the spark of our little family. The one who gets things going and keeps things going.

Donkeys and Drilling Rigs edit

And the animal lover, even those with big ears. The donkey’s ears, Heather’s ears are quite petite. Really.


And the daughter.


And the dancer and advocate. T

With Heather at the #grocerystore #stalkingmyownwife

Heather is my favorite subject. Even when it is inconvenient.


She’s the deep thinker in the family. She always has a plan.


She isn’t much of a spectactor. She is right in the middle of everything.


Even when she is chilling she doesn’t mess around.

Heather and Logan #mother #son #protest #rally at #tulsa #cityhall keep #clarktheateropen

She is not afraid of fighting city hall or anybody else for that matter for her family.


She knows how to have fun

Alan and Heather


And lucky me, she is now my wife of 25 years!! And she is just getting started.

I love you Heather, thank you for the 25 years and I’m looking forward to the next 25!!

I know that you will surprise me, you always do!!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

I Corinthians 4-7 (NIV)

‘A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.”

Proverbs 31:10

Introducing YogiCam at Tulsa’s River Parks

Sunday, Sweetie and I went on our Anniversary Bike Ride at Tulsa’s River Parks.. It was also the inauguaral ride for the “Amazing YogiCam.”  The YogiCam made us able to fully document our ride via about 81 pics but I’m only going to share a few of them with you. You irritate me I’m going to make you look at all of them.


There were many other bike riders on the trails Sunday.


One section had just opened and there was still a lot of construction equipment. I love construction equipment. (Just in case you were wondering to get me for Christmas.)

YogiCam 3

Lots of Walkers.

YogiCam 5

And Disk Golf Players.

YogiCam 6

And works of art.

YogiCam 8

And lots of bike riders passing us. Lots of them.

YogiCam 9

Near the ampitheater on the west bank it looked like a concert was going on. I think it was a worship service. Sweeetie and I were total pagans that day. Sorry if that offends you. Maybe the River Parks Authority should post copies of the Ten Commandments on both sides of the river every mile or so. That’ll chase us into church! Right!


Back across the river on the Pedestrian Bridge. Talk about an obstacle course, trying to maneuver between the fishermen, the waddlers, the baby strollers going side by side, and the stop and talkers in the middle people I was too busy steering to by YogiCaming. Sorry.

YogiCam 10

Lots of dog walkers out and about.

YogiCam 11

And kids at the Quik Trip Plaza playground and splash pads. I think splash pads are the world’s greatest invention. I wish I had them when I was a kid.


We did pass one other biker on our trek Sunday. She acted a little irritated when I used the bell. The trouble with saying “On your left!” is that about half the people then turn left! They never do that with a bell. Some of them give me the one finger salute though.

So that was YogiCam. It’s not a fancy GoPro, its just a small point shoot Nikon on a lanyard. 

I love Tulsa’s River Parks. Lots and lots of stuff going on and I didn’t get pics of the people fishing and the kayakers, and the mountain bikers on Turkey Mountain.

Fun stuff folks.

Lucky Me! Anniversary Time

Heather Wedding_0001
(Yep, big on the Lucky Me)

Lucky me, twenty four years ago this beautiful woman became my wife.


(We dropped off the kid at Nana’s (the World’s greatest MIL (Can I really next parentheses, who is stopping me)) and had lunch.)

She and I have been through a bunch of ups and downs of all types and she has stood by me the whole time.

(One of the theaters in town has switched over to huge recliners. I’m putting together a movie bag for when we go next time. Jammies, Snuggie, Pillow, I’m going for it.)

We have moved a few times and had a child together and we have lost parents and went through other things, and she has never wavered. We have also shared a lot of great times and had lots of fun.

Alan Heather Dinner
(I know this looks strange but we were seated in a booth and it is hard to to lean across for a good shot in a booth so we took pictures of each other. We love to dress up and play grownups.)

She is my best friend and my confididante and most trusted advisor and my one person accountability group.

With Heather celebrating 24 years together

(The rooftop bar of the Mayo Hotel. Very cool place, very low light.)

I can’t imagine life without her.

Gearing up for annual #anniversary #bikeride

(My Sister Ellen informs me via Facebook that the bikes are bigger than the car. I think she is right.)

So we celebrated over several days, we ate, we watched movies, we went out to dinner at a really nice dressup place and then we went out for a grownup dinner.

(There I am jutting my chin out to minimize my double chins.What really worked best is tightening my chin strap up.)

We always go out for an Anniversary bike ride. Sometimes we do as many miles as we have been married. This time we only got 13.

(Introducing YogiCam!! Here I am about to pass somebody.)

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie

Sweetie is always up for some fun


She loves pulling on your tail feathers every now and then.


Always up for anything, the grand daughter of a rancher.


She loves critters, and you can see they love her.


She is my best friend


We’ve had lots of fun together


We’ve been together for 23 years!
Heather Wedding_0001

Happy Anniversary Sweetie

Here’s to 23 more!