Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Cheerleader Edition


Camo is an easy category for me cuz I’m an avid geocacher. My fellow geocachers are fiendisly clever. Fiendishly, maybe “Fiends” needs to be a Scavenger item, Whattyathink Ashley? Huh? Uh, sorry, I’m off task, time to either take my meds or get back on track. What do you see, Fungus? Maybe?


Nope, it is a geocache. See what I mean about fiendish. This is is downright evil.



Nutty I’ll tell you wht is nutty are the bikers who ride the “FroFlo” trail on Turkey Mountain here in Tulsa. You can’t tell very well from the photograph but you ride your bike up a ramp and then along a tree trunk for some distance. I couldn’t even walk it but the “FroFlo” bikers do it with ease. If that aint nutty, nuttin is!

#turkeymountain #froflo #biketrail #obstacle crazy bikers go up the ramp and then lengthwise down a tree trunk.  How do you do that without falling? #crazy #tulsa #oklahoma


Some people think that water is all alike. Boy are they wrong. The bottle shape actually changes the molecular configuration of water. A cooler bottle makes cooler water. I bet you didn’t know that did you? Wake up Sheeple!

And some people think all water is the same


Son and I have many similarities. Cheerleaders like to hang around him.


And they hang around me too!!!! Son and I are both chick magnets. These ladies are actually fellow geocachers. They have given up on the Dallas Cowboys. Speaking of the Cowboys they have a little crisis going on. Did you hear? Their 1990’s highlight tape is broken. What are they going to do? Their tape is broken and their cheerleaders are deep in the woods looking for tupperware. Its not like they have anything to cheer about for the last fifteen years do they? Sis Boom Bah!!

Cowboy's Cheerleaders


I also like to do trail runs. They are great way to run outdoors and everybody is friendly. You get to run, walk, and climb all you want. The rest stops have major food like hamburgers and baked potatoes. It is quite the scene, if a little exhausting. Unless you run it the way I do. I don’t get get exhausted. You want to know my secret? The secret is to start off slow and then taper off. Works my friend, you’ll get last place every time. Or at least you and me will be fighting for last. That’s part of my competitive spirit.

Post Oak Lodge 10K.jpg

These two guys manned a beer stop on my last race. I come cruising up and they said “Wanna Beer?” and I replied, “You got any other stupid questions, or is that it.” Or something to that effect. As a blogger I have the right to change the dialog over time. It’s in the bill of rights. Don’t like it, don’t talk to me, talk to Al Gore. He’s the one who invented the internet, not me. I’m just exercising my Constitutional Rights.


Well that’s it for this week’s entry. Check out Scavenger Hunt Sunday by Ashley Sisk.

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14 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Cheerleader Edition

  1. Sylvia K

    You do have more fun than most anyone I know!! I love it and I love that you share it with us! Great giggles to start my weekend and a great post for the day!! Enjoy!

  2. Leedslass

    Did anyone ever make a comment re. your humorous, but mental status? It’s well and truly to the fore with this entry. Great fun for all your readers or “sheeple” as you call us.

  3. DrillerAA09

    Great post. I didn’t participate this week. I just couldn’t get the inspiration juices flowing. Maybe I needed a bottle of water. Maybe next week.

  4. Christine E-E

    I read this twice… Thinking, each Sunday, this blogger totally throws me “a hook, line & sinker” meaning… Your words give me such a chuckle that the photos become secondary!
    Love your first picture.

  5. Ida

    OMG you had me going this morning with your commentary on the prompts. Way to much fun!
    Some great shots. Geocaching sounds interesting. – My mom is a “die-hard” DC fan so I guess I won’t tell her about this post. LOL

  6. EG CameraGirl

    EVIL for sure! But I’m guessing that if you found it there might be a little “evil” in you too. Just sayin’.

    Amazing how both you and SPB are chick magnets. So when does he start his blog so we can hear his side of the story? Just askin’.

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