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Thanksgiving 2013

The numbers for Thanksgiving ebb and flow and this year it was a smaller group which is fine. We were small but mighty. Brother Bob came up from Corpus Christi and my Dad Gramps flew down from Idaho. We convened at Nana’s house just a few miles away for a meal of great food and fellowship.
2013 Thanksgiving  People PicMonkey Collage

I was the official event photographer. I work really cheap. 


Heather and her mother Nana made the magic happen. My goodness we had a lot of food. I smoked a turkey, Nana provided a smoked ham and a hen, we had noodles, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, purple hull peas, cranberry sauce, rolls,  and on and on. Oh yes, the deserts we had pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, and bread pudding, and oh yes, asparagus.

2013 Thanksgiving Food PicMonkey Collage

Yep, we got plenty of leftovers. 


These two mutts didn’t get to go to Nana’s house. 


This one did, Rascal was pretty proud of himself. The other two were a little growly toward him when we got back home.

We are really blessed to be able to be together. Not everybody is so fortunate.


And of course, if you haven’t heard before, the agents of everything good in the universe, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the godless heathen Oakland Raiders.


Outside the stadium Tom was standing a little taller, and it looked he was almost smiling. 

So all is right with the world.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Cheerleader Edition


Camo is an easy category for me cuz I’m an avid geocacher. My fellow geocachers are fiendisly clever. Fiendishly, maybe “Fiends” needs to be a Scavenger item, Whattyathink Ashley? Huh? Uh, sorry, I’m off task, time to either take my meds or get back on track. What do you see, Fungus? Maybe?


Nope, it is a geocache. See what I mean about fiendish. This is is downright evil.



Nutty I’ll tell you wht is nutty are the bikers who ride the “FroFlo” trail on Turkey Mountain here in Tulsa. You can’t tell very well from the photograph but you ride your bike up a ramp and then along a tree trunk for some distance. I couldn’t even walk it but the “FroFlo” bikers do it with ease. If that aint nutty, nuttin is!

#turkeymountain #froflo #biketrail #obstacle crazy bikers go up the ramp and then lengthwise down a tree trunk.  How do you do that without falling? #crazy #tulsa #oklahoma


Some people think that water is all alike. Boy are they wrong. The bottle shape actually changes the molecular configuration of water. A cooler bottle makes cooler water. I bet you didn’t know that did you? Wake up Sheeple!

And some people think all water is the same


Son and I have many similarities. Cheerleaders like to hang around him.


And they hang around me too!!!! Son and I are both chick magnets. These ladies are actually fellow geocachers. They have given up on the Dallas Cowboys. Speaking of the Cowboys they have a little crisis going on. Did you hear? Their 1990’s highlight tape is broken. What are they going to do? Their tape is broken and their cheerleaders are deep in the woods looking for tupperware. Its not like they have anything to cheer about for the last fifteen years do they? Sis Boom Bah!!

Cowboy's Cheerleaders


I also like to do trail runs. They are great way to run outdoors and everybody is friendly. You get to run, walk, and climb all you want. The rest stops have major food like hamburgers and baked potatoes. It is quite the scene, if a little exhausting. Unless you run it the way I do. I don’t get get exhausted. You want to know my secret? The secret is to start off slow and then taper off. Works my friend, you’ll get last place every time. Or at least you and me will be fighting for last. That’s part of my competitive spirit.

Post Oak Lodge 10K.jpg

These two guys manned a beer stop on my last race. I come cruising up and they said “Wanna Beer?” and I replied, “You got any other stupid questions, or is that it.” Or something to that effect. As a blogger I have the right to change the dialog over time. It’s in the bill of rights. Don’t like it, don’t talk to me, talk to Al Gore. He’s the one who invented the internet, not me. I’m just exercising my Constitutional Rights.


Well that’s it for this week’s entry. Check out Scavenger Hunt Sunday by Ashley Sisk.

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Jerry Jones, I’m Here for You Brother.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys (for you RHOKers and Canadians) called me and said “Dang Yogi, when you going to come down and blog about my new football stadium? I mean cmon son, I look at your blog every day and I’ve had my fill of the sunsets, movies, books, and your son eating pizza. You need to talk more about football! Especially mah football team.” He just begged and begged and so I said alright I’ll be down. He said that he had a surprise for me. Sweetie even agreed to go with me.

Jerry did right by putting a statue of Tom Landry out front.


Of course, right after Jerry bought the Cowboys he fired Tom Landry. But hey, that’s football.

I couldn’t get a decent shot of the outside of the stadium. I searched and searched on google and flickr but the structure is so huge and so hulking it’s hard to get a good image of it. The show is on the inside.

Jerry just couldn’t quit talking about his huge digital televisions over the field.


One person I know that has attended games there talks about “retina burn” because the screen is so bright and sharp. I’m just glad that the Cowboys had a halfway decent season last year. Jerry’s video presentation of the mid 1990’s team was getting a little stale. I didn’t tell Jerry that.

Sweetie was not very impressed but she was a good sport.


And then we down on the field


And then he said to go try out the bench. I know all about benches. I got real acquainted with them during my brief stints in sports. I’m an expert on benches.


You know I think for $1.3 billion he could have made softer benches.

I then I went and got near the Star in the end zone.


And then I got my picture with a couple of cheerleaders.

Cowboy's Cheerleaders

You know Jerry they are very cute but they look a little malnourished. You need to pay them a little more so they can eat. Plus the uniforms look like they were made about three sizes too small. Budget a little more material for the uniforms. And Jerry, I never did get my photo dangit!!

And then Jerry said, “Hey lets check out the girl’s locker room.” I said “you sure?” He said, I own this place Yogi, I go wherever I want whenever I want.” OK, lets go Jerry.


It’s pretty nice, its decorated in Cowboy blue and Cheerleader pink.

Then we went to the football player locker room.


No cheerleader pink here.

And then he showed my surprise. My very own locker!


So I’ll be blogging live from the Cowboy locker room.  I’ll be letting people know what is real with the Cowboys this year. Jerry said that is great but if I wouldn’t mind helping out  with the laundry and cleanup that would really be helpful. He’s such a nice guy. So be looking for number 20 on the sidelines this year. I’m the first string Dallas blogger.

I was pretty impressed with the new Cowboys Stadium. It’d be nice if they would win a few football games.

So that is the report on Jerry’s new stadium. Jerry I hope that you are happy. I’ll see you in August when the season begins.

Jerry – I’d Rather Have a Playoff Win!!!

The Yogi family was in Las Colinas, Texas last weekend attending an Oklahoma oil and gas producer’s convention (don’t ask). While there SuperPizzaBoy and Sweetie indulged me by letting me look at the Mustangs and Las Colinas, a sculpture by I forgot to write down who. Of course, Sweetie and SPB were glad that there was not a geocache involved. You think you are tired about reading them. You should see how they feel about looking for them

Dallas Cowboy Fans are very familiar with this sculpture. The networks cut to it late in the game when the Cowboys are getting killed by somebody. Especially the post season.

Now, I appreciate Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys building a brand spanking new one billion dollar football stadium. I’d like it better if the Cowboys could win a playoff game. Something that they haven’t done since 1996. Do you realize Jerry, that my one and only son, has never seen the Cowboys win a playoff game, ever!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

I know this a culture blog, whatever that is.
SPB hates football anyway. He can’t figure it out. Watch the TV, drink malted beverages,
yell at the TV,
He doesn’t understand the attraction.

Yogi, you have always been bald, now you are getting fat!
I thought you said you ran. Ummm

Oh Yogi, they don’t deserve you

Yep, they deserve so much more!!

Pretty coool sculpture,

Indications are Cowboys fans will be seeing a lot of it again this year,

Especially if the Cowboys make the playoffs,


The Environment

Tulsa had a hazardous chemicals drop off Sunday at the fairgrounds today. So after church I loaded some old stuff up and off I went. It didn’t take too long. I had some some Coleman fuel. I have probably had it for 15 years, deck wash, (we haven’t had a deck in 9 years) and some other long unused stuff.

They have their pretty well together. They have several lanes and everything is very well organized and goes pretty quickly. They had people in blue moon suits messing with the chemicals.

And people with white moon suits unloading everything. Hey, notice the white on dark colored mobile home in the left background. That is the police bomb squad. Bomb squads strike fear in the hearts of geocachers everywhere. One day I’ll do a blog on the tupperware containers blown up by bomb squads all over the country. It hasn’t happened in Tulsa yet but it happened right down the turnpike in Edmond, OK a few years ago.
I’m all over the environment. I’ve seen a huge change in the attitudes of companies, especially energy related companies, over the years. My employer for instance is very strict about complying very strictly with environmental laws. Complying holds things up every once in a while. But I think complying with the laws, and the intent of the laws, is a great thing.

Used to be, with some of my first employers, a lot of winking and nodding went on. Plus the energy industry had so many grandfather provisions that some of the laws were kind of meaningless.

But getting back to geocaching. I took advantage of my jaunt to go find one: Stop in the Woods by BasicPoke. Its a devilish but doable little microcache.

Time to go home. The Dallas Cowboys are not playing this weekend. It is kind of hard to be interested in football if they are not playing. I’m sure you think the same. So I’ll guess that I’ll do laundry.

Carrie Underwood Concert

Wednesday night we left left SuperPizzaBoy with Clara the sitter and Sweetie and I headed downtown to the BOK Arena to see Carrie Underwood.

She put on quite a show. She is even more beautiful live than on TV. She is really gorgeous. She was like #2 gorgeous woman in Oklahoma that night. She wore some really nice outfits. Her first dress was very short. As she was going down a runway into the audience bending down shaking hands she said “I’m glad I’m wearing shorts under this dress tonight.” I strained my eyes really hard, I couldn’t quite see her shorts.

She can really belt it out and sing and is really personable. It is very hard to believe that it has been just since 2005 since she won American Idol.

The production was good, the only cheesy thing was the video montage, during a costume change, of her winning multiple awards during the years. Its like, OK Carrie, we know that you are a big star. After all we bought tickets to be here girl. Also, its about time she dropped the “oh golly gosh, I can’t believe I’m a star, and I’m just from Checotah, Oklahoma and I’ve been to Nashville, and I’ve been to Hollywood, and I’ve been to New York City, and I just can’t believe that all that is happening to little ole me and everybody is being so nice to me” rap. We know that you are a star Carrie! Start acting like one.

You can tell that she had true fans there. The fans sang the hit songs right back at her word for word. We were at a Garth Brooks concert once and he said that was the highest tribute that a fan could make toward a singer, singing the song back. I think it is a little strange myself.

Carrie still has a sweetness to her. She had her 5 year old niece on stage to help sing “American Girl” and she had an infant nephew in her arms in another song until they had to cut it short because he started crying. Neither song went quite to plan but Carrie looked she didn’t mind a bit.

Another thing was that when she was done singing, she said good night, the house lights came on, and the audience hauled ass for the parking lots. No encore, no nothing. What is up with that? I’ve never been to a concert that didn’t have an encore. Is that a country concert thing. The only other country concert I’ve been to was Garth Brooks. He had an encore, he’d of sang all night I think.

Maybe she sang all her songs and didn’t have any left.

I like her and all that and am proud of her being from Oklahoma but really and truly I’m can’t help but think that if she had she just stuck it out with Tony Romo the Dallas Cowboys would be doing much better than they are. I just don’t think that Tony ever got over the breakup.

One final note on the venue. The nosebleed seats at the BOK Arena are not very satisfying. They are too high up and the video screens are occluded by some strange apparatus. The sound was kind of muddy up there compared to the Eagles where we were fortunate to sit quite a bit lower.

Anyways, it was nice to go see Ms. Underwood. She put on a good show.

I rate it a 3 stars out of 4. Great voice and performance were huge plusses. Cheesy self promotion video and no encore slight minuses. Venue problems not her fault.

Fall Fest – Day II

SuperPizzaBoy opted to stay with his Mom today instead of going back to Western Hills to feed the chiggers and ticks and look for geocaches. So I went alone, found a few caches, talked to a few people and then leave. I talked to quite a few people smarter than I am (that is true most days of my life). I learned all about why adjusted benchmarks are much more accurate than scaled ones. I also learned about the centroid and how it just cannot be explained to people who don’t already know what it is. (huh?)

Anyway I had a lot of fun but I was getting real antsy so I left early.

One of the caches I found was labelled “fuzzy” It was referring to a fake tarantula used in the cache. But I found the fuzzy a few inches away.

I went to Tahlequah, the Cherokee Nation Capital, and went cemetery geocaching. I love old cemeteries. These were old cemeteries from before Oklahoma Statehood. I don’t feel nervous or spooked at all, even at night. I think that the dead rest peacefully. I just wonder about the stories behind the graves. (beneath the graves?) These cemeteries had tall grass, brush, and weeds. Lots of graves totally hidden away, some had flowers on them though.

Lots of graves of young babies, children, and young mothers. Life was rough back in the good old days.

Anyway, I made it home midafternoon. SPB and I ran a few errands and I did some chores. I sat down and watched the Dallas Cowboys lose to the Arizona Cardinals. Almost ruined a perfect day.