Who Gives a Card?

One of my favorite bloggers is Gaelyn, of GeogpysyTraveler and Geogypsy a naturalist and seasonal Park Ranger at Grand Canyon National Park and a great photographer and interesting writer to boot. I love reading about her life as a Ranger, life on the remote North Rim of the canyon, and all her various adventures. She just got back from a very extensive trip of South Africa and is just now starting to post about her travels. So go check her out.

Post Card from South Africa

Gaelyn sent me this turtle porn post card from South Africa. I just love it. I think she gets my sense of humor. She’s about the only facebook friend I have left. I’ve driven everybody else off. Not too many people have a sense of humor any more.


St. Uspenskiy Christian Church, Kiev, Ukraine sent by Oksana

Gaelyn posted before her trip about PostCrossing, a physical post card exchange site. I signed up and started sending out and receiving post cards. So far I sent about seven cards and received six.

The Castle Square, Warsaw, Poland sent by Justyna

I’ve sent and received cards to Belarus, Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, South Africa, and Taiwan. It is fun fun. I only send out one card a week or so. International Forever stamps are $1.10 each so its lots more expensive than email. Except I forget that Obama is going to start charging for emails. It takes about a week for a card to be delivered to western Europe and about two weeks for Africa and eastern Europe.


This is my favorite PostCrossing post card so far. It came from Sandy of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Turns out  that this where a young Indian attorney named Mahatma Ghandi got thrown off the train at this train station. You see people of color were not allowed to ride in first class. He quit his attorney gig and proceeded to change the world.

Have you sent or received a post card lately? Can you believe that it costs $1.10 to mail a postcard?

13 thoughts on “Who Gives a Card?

  1. Daryl

    i cant believe you have no FB friends … and i had no idea a postcard cot $1.10 to mail .. thats crazy … i suspect it has to do with the machines that process the postage, since postcards are not the same size/weight as an envelope … i did hear Obama was going to put postcard use review up to the death panel that is going to euthanize all the elderly under Obamacare


    I’m not even on FB – me live in cave. Have always loved sending and receiving postcards, though admittedly the rising costs have put me off. Love this set and off to check out Gaelyn!

  3. Gaelyn

    I just knew you’d love the turtle postcard. So glad you’re having such, expensive, fun with postcrossing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Barb

    Well – I think your sense of humor is right on. I always leave smiling. I took a similar pic to Gaelyn’s post card in NM. I haven’t had the guts to post it!

  5. SandyCarlson

    Turtle porn. I have been waiting for it for years. Now my life is complete. Even solitary creatures have their moments.

    These are great images, and kudos to you for promoting another blogger.

  6. Okie Prof

    Ah, the North Rim…have camped there…it’s magic.

    Wish I lived in places like that, but….

    Have you read Ed Abby’s Desert Solitaire? or anything of his?

    One fiction piece, The Black Sun, is set on the North Rim.

  7. Janie

    Wow, post card postage has gotten expensive, relatively speaking.
    Love the turtle porn. I always enjoy your sense of humor!

  8. Shey

    Hilarious naughty tortoise postcard. I guess you just didn’t have the right FB friends. 🙂 Intrigued about Postcrossing and interested to join.

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