Christmas on Automobile Alley

I am in Oklahoma City on business for a day or two. Usually I just buzz down the turnpike and back but not this time. My hotel is in the downtown area so I was looking forward to checking in and doing either some night time geocaching or photography. I got off the freeway exit and turned down Broadway to make my to my hotel when I saw buildings ablaze with light.


It was flat amazing. Each building was decorated with a single color of lights. So xnay on the old geocaching plan, (although I think they do have geocaches). I walked up and down and over across the streets taking pictures.


This section of Broadway north of downtown is called “Automobile Alley” because way back when in the early 20th century that is where most of Oklahoma City’s Automobile Dealers were here. It is not redone and gentrified with cool restaurants and shops.


I remember reading about these lights on my favorite Oklahoma Blog JenX67. She wrote about the lights here and here. I go to Oklahoma City quite often but usually during the day and with somebody. My coworkers are very patient with me but I don’t take them on too many wild photography and geocaching adventures. 


This store is just off Automobile Alley but they have upped the ante.


But nothing like the building right next to it. I’d hate to pay their electric bill. But I love the wild zaniness of the lights.


It was getting kind of late. I spotted this nice wine merchant. I went inside and spotted a nice Oyster Bay Pinot Noir and then I went back across the street to Hideaway Pizza and had their BBQ Chicken. Superb!!

Hideaway Pizza - Automobile Alley - #oklahoma_city

Have you seen any good Christmas lights lately?

Automobile Alley Signs

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12 thoughts on “Christmas on Automobile Alley

  1. EG CameraGirl

    Incredible lights, Yogi! I have NEVER seen anything like these displays and I really appreciate you photographing and sharing them. The multi-coloured one is a stunner!

  2. Sylvia K

    I’ve never seen anything like this before either and I love it!! I haven’t seen one single Christmas decoration here yet!!! But that’s ok, I’ll be going to Portland in less that three weeks to spend the holidays with my kids and I’m SO excited! I don’t need decorations to foster the Christmas spirit!! At least not this year!!

  3. AVCr8teur

    I have never seen so many lights hung down like that. Too bad the streets are empty, but I am certainly enjoying the festive lights. Your pizza was colorful too! 😀

  4. Ellen

    That is a lot of lights! I haven’t seen too many lights around here yet, we don’t even have ours up yet. The pizza looks great. I’ll be on a business trip to Albuquerque next week.

  5. Daryl

    i would totally have joined you in both the photo walk and the pizza/wine … i wonder if the city gives them a discount on electric because it jazzes up the city and brings visitors/tourists in to not jut look but shop and eat .. if i ever get to Oklahoma City i know i will want to check it out .. is it seasonal or all year-round?

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