Skywatch Friday – Swan Valley


Last week while driving from Jackson, Wyoming to Idaho Falls, ID we stopped for ice cream in Swan Valley, Idaho. An instant rainstorm nearly drenched us. By the time we had finished our treat, the storm had already moved on to the east.

Skywatch Friday

20 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Swan Valley

  1. Sylvia K

    What incredible, dramatic skies! WOW! Awesome! And what a great capture for the day! I love it! Enjoy your weekend! Stay cool! Hope you’re not in any danger from the fires!

  2. Daryl

    wonderful catch … this morning i saw a photo on Instagram with the tag ‘cloudporn’ .. this one would fit right into that

  3. Leedslass

    I look at that and think “get your watercolours out”. However, it doesn’t look like a “real” sky and I’d probably be given a C- for my effort as being too unbelievable.


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