I took my Takashi 521 FX “digital Holga” camera out for a spin the other day. You can see all sorts of things with it. It has a negative setting. It makes SOOC a whole new world.


You can see the buildings swinging and swaying due to the Lartigue Effect. It has to be a pretty low tech camera you see to get this effect, one that doesn’t have a shutter.


At least the library was a stand up affair.


It makes the “Central Library” sign really pop. This looks like a well lighted night scene.


And then the ground started leaning.


It made a tree trunk at a local park stand out.


And… does it have an Xray lens? In my mind the shadows of the limbs could be the tree roots underground.

Are you into Negativity, in a positive way I mean?

11 thoughts on “Negativity

  1. Gaelyn

    Such interesting effects. I like the tree shadow/root pattern and sure hope that building doesn’t fall over. 😉

  2. Leedslass

    I too like the tree and, initially, thought they were the underground roots(I’m easily fooled).
    For myself, I find your posts fascinating but, personally, I like “real” photographs – how boring am I? BUT PLEASE keep on doing what you’re doing – as the old saying goes “you can please some of the people……etc”

  3. Sylvia K

    You are having fun, aren’t you!! I love it! Nothing like a new toy! Hope your week is going well! And CLICK ON!!


  4. Impulsive Addict

    I felt like I was trippin’. Do it again! That’s awesome!

    I have no idea what it feels like to “trip”. I wasn’t a druggie but after those awesome pics, I see why people do it!

    Sorry I’ve been sucking at blogging. I may be over it!

  5. Jennifer James

    The shadows on the tree are very cool. I’ve never heard of this via the camera, just applications once you’ve uploaded the photo – HOLGA.

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