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Photo Fun with my Takashi 521FX Camera

As some of you know I have a stranage collection of cameras. One of my favorites is the Takashi 521FX camera. It is relatively inexpensive and is designed for a number of effects. My favorite is the Negative effects. I pulled it out of the drawer lately and took a few pics.


A family friend’s long fence lined driveway. I really like the shadows of the fence.


SuperPizzaBoy riding a horse. I have taken hundreds of pics of son riding a horse. I’m entitled to a few negative ones aren’t I?


A landing on the Arkansas River.I love the chains and the water in the shot. Plus I like how the shadows are ligh colored.


A segment of the beautiful Arkansas River trail system here in Tulsa. I think the negative shot really emphasizes how many trees we have.


Reflections can sometimes be striking. This is of course a power pole reflected in a window.

Thanks for indulging me.


I took my Takashi 521 FX “digital Holga” camera out for a spin the other day. You can see all sorts of things with it. It has a negative setting. It makes SOOC a whole new world.


You can see the buildings swinging and swaying due to the Lartigue Effect. It has to be a pretty low tech camera you see to get this effect, one that doesn’t have a shutter.


At least the library was a stand up affair.


It makes the “Central Library” sign really pop. This looks like a well lighted night scene.


And then the ground started leaning.


It made a tree trunk at a local park stand out.


And… does it have an Xray lens? In my mind the shadows of the limbs could be the tree roots underground.

Are you into Negativity, in a positive way I mean?

Ruby Red Truck Wheels – Lartigue Style

Truck Tires with Red Rims Lartigue Effect

I had a business trip to Oklahoma City last week. A coworker was driving and I had my Takashi 521 FX special effects camera along. As we passed vehicles I tried to capture their wheels to get the Lartigue distortion effect possible with the camera. I had a very low batting average what with the shutter delay and all.

I did get these wheels. Luckily they were red, after a little boosting from they were Ruby Red.

Ruby Tuesday

A Day of Negativity

SuperPizzaBoy attends a Teen Comedy Improv class at a city park here in Tulsa. Last year he was in the preTeen class and loved it and attended a summer camp where he was in a production. I used to hang out in the room while the class is going on just in case the instructors needed any help with Logan. Well, you their fine with him and he’s fine with them so this year I decided it’s time for dear old Dad to butt out and leave them alone.  I kind of miss it though, watching the interaction between the eager kids and the patient but insistent adult leaders.


So what I do know is take my cameras and walk around the park and take pictures. This last week I took my cheapo Takashi 521 FX digital lomo camera. It can do lots of stuff. One of the thing it can do is take negative images. So Saturday was the day for negativity. The above is my favorite tree in the whole world. I swear it is alive.

Below is another tree. There was a soccer game going on also.

I love how shadows show up in negative on this softball backstop.


My favorite though is this cross at the front of the Church of St. Mary Catholic Church which adjoins the city park. I just love the coppery sky color.

Here’s another view of the same cross with my Takashi set in Black and White. I just love that cross. I’ve never seen such a muscular cross.

And I can proudly say that all these pics are straight out of the camera.

Have you ever had a nice negative day?

Lartigue Effect

We have got all sorts of stuff going on in Tulsa these days.  The city doesn’t know whether to lean to the right,

or lean to the left, or


Or just kind of shimmy in place.


So what’s happening? I know the wind blows here in Oklahoma, but not that much.


I have a cheap camera. The Takashi 521 digital lomo camera. It has all sorts of special effects built into a camera with a plastic lens. One thing this camera doesn’t have though is a shutter. That’s right no shutter. You press the button the sensor gets scanned is all. So that means that if I move the camera while pressing the button the things that the camera sees get distorted.

In a regular camera with a shutter you don’t get that. You get a blur. Blur can be fun, but not that much fun.

This distortion is called the Lartigue effect after Jacque Henri Lartigue, a french dude, who used a “focal plane shutter.” to invent the effect. Here is an example of his work:

Check out the link. He was cool! The main thing is that I love the term “focal plane shutter.” That is like one of the most wonderful pieces of jargon I have heard in a long time. I have no idea what it means. I’m going to use it a lot. I mean talk about authority. For instance, somebody talks about plumbing problems I’m going to shut them up by saying that until they get a Focal Plane Shutter installed they are going to continue to have the same problem.

Those of you who don’t have cheap camera will have to pay big bucks to get a focal plane shutter. That’s what you get for having fancy stuff like shutters on your camera. My shutterless piece of junk can get the same effect using the scan rate of the sensor. Aren’t you jealous? You should be.

Mayo Motor Inn

I just love experimenting around with my Takashi Digital Lomo Camera.


It has some interesting distortions up close.


Among other modes, it can do black and white, or


negative. I haven’t figured out what triggers the distortions though.


Strangely enough all these except the last are straight out of the camera. All I did on the last photo was crop it.

Paying extra for bad photographs. What a concept.

Signs, Signs

Downtown Reflections

I’m still learning how to use my new Takashi Digital FX 521 Camera. It can take photographs using different effects in the camera rather than with software later.

The building where I work


Again with the blue tint.


I like the negative effect the best:


Weekend Reflections

I haven’t quite figured out how to control the “folded up” appearance seen in the first and last photographs on the lower right hand side. That is a feature of the camera that appears because it is so low tech and backwards in its technology. I’d love to be able to figure out how to do it on purpose.