17 thoughts on “Walk in the Street – Where is Everybody?

  1. Dave

    Walking Downtown after 9pm is one of my favorite past times. It feels like the entire world has been emptied and I’m the only one left. There’s something magical about being down there alone like that.

  2. Okie Prof

    Tis a shame. Always wanted to live in Tulsa, but the job wasn’t there. Downtown OKC used to be shabby by comparison, and in the past 10 years what has happened is phenomenal…people are downtown, including living downtown…still no grocery store, but it’ll come. Wish Tulsa could get it together on getting people downtown.

  3. DrillerAA09

    I suppose it’s always been that way. I don’t believe that I can ever remember downtown being busy after dark, unless there is a concert. Even then there was no place to grab a bite to eat, pre-concert, nor have that late coffee and dessert afterwards. Maybe someday. Still, it looks much better than it did in the 70’s.

  4. Leedslass

    Downtown looks empty but SO CLEAN. I’m very doubtful that the city of Leeds,Yorkshire, where I live, looks as pristine. Mind you, it’s also full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs so that could well be the answer. I’d be scared to walk in Leeds, downtown Tulsa doesn’t look scarey at all.

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