Donkeys versus Cows with the Lomography Oktomat Camera

Lomography Oktomat Camera

I got a new Lomography camera for my birthday from Nana, the world’s greatest MIL. This one is a 35mm film camera with eight lenses. It has adjustments at all. It has a fixed focus and there are no exposure adjustments, no flash, or even really a viewfinder and is certainly not wifi compatible. To take a pic you cock it and press the button and it operates a shutter on each of the lenses over the course of two seconds. Yep, pretty useless and I think that I’m going to love it. 

I shot my first role in western Oklahoma during our weekend visit there. We were out visiting cows and donkeys.

Nolan x8

Nolan the donkey thought it pretty interesting until he figured I wasn’t going to feed it to him.

Classic Cows

The cows were not impressed either.

Nolan x8 vers 2

Then Nolan was like, “Here is my good side.” I got a little thumb action or something in there on one frame Nolan, sorry.


And then the cows wanted me to show their good side also. Good grief, can’t those critters get along.


Thanks for the new camera Nana! She is a MIL who has a good head on her, uh hm, shoulders?

7 thoughts on “Donkeys versus Cows with the Lomography Oktomat Camera

  1. Sylvia K

    You never fail to bring laughter and giggles into my day/afternoon/evening/whatever and I love it! You’re one of the best of the blogging world!! Thanks for making my day, one more time!!

  2. Gunn

    Artistic results with your new camera!
    Have fun and keep using it.

    Nice happy blog you have got!

    Greetings all the way from me in Stavanger.

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