Birthdaying and Partying Hardy in Western Oklahoma


It was a special weekend way out in western Oklahoma. We had three birthdays and and promotion to celebrate. We didn’t mess around. We got right down to business.


You know it is special when the world’s greatest MIL, Nana, decides to have a daquiri. As you can see she got a triple. She said that she only had one… 


Me, Sue Carol to the left, and Libby celebrating birthdays.  


Tyler just got promoted to Captain in the Marine Corps. We are all proud of him.


As the party wound up we all got friendlier and smilier. You bet smilier is a word. It was Saturday night in Custer County you can bet on that. That is Cheri joining in to the right. We were at her house.


Ruth showed up and joined in and we got rolling. Ruth brags on my picture taking so she gets extra props. 


Bella, the world’s most photogenic dog was thinking things really were going to far.


And then Logan and Kyle got into it. They were really standing up straight. Kyle is taller, check back next year and we’ll check again. 


And then little Miss C, Tyler’s daughter, showed up and stole the show and put us all to shame in the partying department. Unfortunately I cut off the head of Miss C’s mother Kim. Sorry Kim!!! Didn’t mean to.


What a little sweetie. Look at those curls!


We were a little slow getting up the next morning but we loaded up and went out to check out the cows. Chesapeake is drilling a well nearby headed for the Colony Wash formation. Sorry, the cows are kind of a blob in this pic.


So I changed the exposure settings in the camera. Now we can see them better but they look like Stephen King deranged killer zombie cows. People are all worried about Obama taking over the US. After this weekend I’m afraid of the cows. What about you? Perhaps we need to eat less chicken?


And then the donkeys showed up to get fed and loved on. They are in charge of ranch security and all things comedy. Unless you are a coyote. Coyote’s don’t find the donkeys very funny at all.


Here’s Nolan asking me just exactly what I am good for besides nothing. It’s real simple with him. You either have food or you don’t.


Here is Joe, Cheri’s husband, feeding the cows and being the tour guide. Note the high tech solar powered water well pump in the background. No messing with windmills in the 21st century for Joe.


And Joe drives a 21st century ranch truck too, a one ton Ford. 


Joe and his lovely wife Cheri. Cheri is a little dynamo that kept everything going.

So that is what happened to me this weekend. What about you? Did you have near as much fun as I did?

7 thoughts on “Birthdaying and Partying Hardy in Western Oklahoma

  1. Sylvia K

    Nope!! Not near as much fun, but I did have fun looking at all your pics!! Happy Birthday!! Now have a great week!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the love!!

  2. Leedslass

    Nor me but, like Sylvia, I did enjoy your pictures and commentary. Is that why you got a new view-less office because of promotion? If so, congratulations on that and your birthday – 21 again????

  3. Gaelyn

    I had fun but not as much as you. But I spotted zebras, giraffes and elephants instead of cows. Happy 59th Yogi! And keep on celebrating.

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