A Day of Negativity

SuperPizzaBoy attends a Teen Comedy Improv class at a city park here in Tulsa. Last year he was in the preTeen class and loved it and attended a summer camp where he was in a production. I used to hang out in the room while the class is going on just in case the instructors needed any help with Logan. Well, you their fine with him and he’s fine with them so this year I decided it’s time for dear old Dad to butt out and leave them alone.  I kind of miss it though, watching the interaction between the eager kids and the patient but insistent adult leaders.


So what I do know is take my cameras and walk around the park and take pictures. This last week I took my cheapo Takashi 521 FX digital lomo camera. It can do lots of stuff. One of the thing it can do is take negative images. So Saturday was the day for negativity. The above is my favorite tree in the whole world. I swear it is alive.

Below is another tree. There was a soccer game going on also.

I love how shadows show up in negative on this softball backstop.


My favorite though is this cross at the front of the Church of St. Mary Catholic Church which adjoins the city park. I just love the coppery sky color.

Here’s another view of the same cross with my Takashi set in Black and White. I just love that cross. I’ve never seen such a muscular cross.

And I can proudly say that all these pics are straight out of the camera.

Have you ever had a nice negative day?

12 thoughts on “A Day of Negativity

  1. Sylvia K

    Ah, you do make good use of your time on these days, don’t you? Neat shots — you’re a lot better at that sort of thing than I am!


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