Foto Friday Fun #8177 or close to it anyway

Blogfriend Gaelyn, Park Service Ranger, at the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and of Geogypsy, one of my favorite blogs, has had a long running feature on Fridays called “Foto Friday Fun” where her readers give her a random number and she posts from her archives that have that number. She is expanding it to a new meme where others can participate by searching their archives for a given number. She started off this week with 8177.


Well it turns out I didn’t have a single 8177 so I’m cheating with 177. This is a picture of Logan at Legoworld in southern California. He is a big Lego fan and this was a fun trip for everybody. Our Legoland adventure was fodder for several posts including this one.

The number for next week is 7777

Foto Fun Friday

3 thoughts on “Foto Friday Fun #8177 or close to it anyway

  1. Beth

    oh, i love Legos … they are super awesome. i noticed they had Simpson house & wanted to get it for my hubby … but i wish it was not so pricey… i don’t wish to pay so much for it. but i think it would be too fun to have it. ( :

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    So cute — I wish we’d taken our grandkids there when we did the Disneyland thing with them back when they were about the age Logan is in this pic. Because both boys were Lego fanatics at one time.

    Anyway … I love Gaelyn’s Foto Fridays but I don’t understand the number thing. Mine don’t seem to do that. So I’ll just keep enjoying hers and yours.

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