Our World – Up the Hill with Bob

Cisco getting ready to work #horses

Last Saturday Logan and I ventured up to All-Star Therapy Group in Ramona. Ramona is pretty close to Pioneer Woman Country. We got there and Cisco was getting prepped for Logan’s lesson.


We went outside, which is always my favorite and stopped for a brief photo op.


Bob, the guy that runs the place and who has an incredible heart for the kids that take classes there grabbed three of the kids and told me to c’mon and off we went across the pasture.


And then up the hill through the trees and brush. And these kids know that you lean forward in the saddle just a hair when you go up the hill.


We got to the top of the hill, where on a clear day you can see downtown Tulsa, and got everybody arranged and then told everybody to smile.


It was my turn to do my thing.


And then it was time to go down the hill. With Bob reminding everybody to lean back just a little back in the saddle.

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9 thoughts on “Our World – Up the Hill with Bob

  1. Eileen

    Looks like a fun ride! I am sure the kids love it.. It has been a while since I went horseback riding. Great shots, have a happy week!

  2. sylviakirk

    Ah, I do love horses and what a fun day for all of you!! Thanks for sharing! I can’t get over how much Logan has grown since I first started blogging five years ago!! He is one big boy and you have every right to be so proud of him!!

  3. Anne Paley

    You’ve taught me what I didn’t know when I was 12. I reckon I bent forward when I should have leant back – perhaps if I’d been told this I wouldn’t have been so scared of riding. Lovely post.

  4. Margy

    We have a therapeutic riding program in our small town of Powell River, BC. It is very well supported through charity events and volunteer help. The horses go into “foster care” for the summer at private homes that can accommodate animal care. Services match the school year. It is such a great program as you know. – Margy

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