Skywatch Friday – Neighborhood Sky

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The family went out to eat this weekend. When we got home the sky was ablaze.

And I cheated a little bit. The free generic android phone I use has an in-camera HDR function and I amped it up a little more with my favorite camera app Snapseed. Plus a car turned down the street at just the right time to add an exclamation mark to the whole thing. And then I posted it to Instagram and Facebook. So I’m a multiple non-repentant cheater.

Have you ever cheated? Tell me about it. I promise not to tell anybody but my closest thousand friends. Confession is good for you.

Skywatch Friday

31 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Neighborhood Sky

  1. DeniseinVA

    That is a great shot! Amazing colors you have there and I love the car’s headlights. I enjoy playing around with certain photos. Always fun using those apps.

  2. drilleraa

    I think this qualifies as artistic license…and that’s not cheating. Great image. Wonderful colors and interesting HER effect. You’re correct, those headlights appeared at precisely the right moment.

  3. Valerie, Australia

    A stunning image, Alan. I too wouldn’t consider your actions “cheating” – photography is a unique form of art allowing for all sorts of creativity. Thanks for sharing yours (and for hosting). Happy weekend!

  4. Jim

    I’ve done it a couple of times too, to emphasise the colours that sometimes don’t seem to come up as well in photos, but usually my shots are au naturale.

  5. Peter B

    Nice one, Alan! And yes, I “cheat” pretty much all the time. I prefer the term “optimize”, but that might be splitting hairs! Half the fun of photography for me is the post-processing, so I spend lots of time in PhotoShop.

  6. Linda

    Oh, that is spectacular! It’s not cheating if you admit it.

    If I make a significant change in Photoshop, I like to add a painterly texture so that it’s obviously an artistic interpretation. Unless of course it’s so obvious that no confession is called for.

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