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A Week in Photographs

I take pictures  all the time. I carry my cell phone, an ipod, and my Nikon point and shoot with me everywhere.

#trees during my lunch walk in #downtowntulsa on a a freezing cold sunny day dodging the panhandlers and avoiding the spice addicts #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok #igerstulsa

I take walks at lunch. Generally about one or two miles and I go all over downtown. I always pay attention to my surroundings and nearby people and I’ve had to pay extra attention. We have a new crop of homeless people downtown. It has changed the complexion of downtown and how people perceive the homeless. The new, younger, more thuggish group is a lot more aggressive than the older people who were the most polite homeless people I’ve ever seen. There is a lot more drug dealing downtown and it is done right out in the open and the participants don’t seem at all concerned about who sees them. This is a disturbing trend.

#geocaching at the end of the road #westtulsa #tulsa #oklahoma #oklahomaskies

On another noon day I went out to west Tulsa to find a geocache. It was the first time I had been noon geocaching in a long time. The cache was on an abandoned road. How exactly does one decide to abandon a road? Anyway, it was fun.


About two weeks ago I moved offices in our building from the 17th floor to the 5th. So my views to the west for sunsets is different. No more views of the refinery or the Arkansas River. Instead I get the above. I’m not complaining.

Late afternoon #sun in #downtowntulsa #quittingtime #tulsa #igersok #igerstulsa

But hey I got a different view toward the city center also. Everything always seems to work out.


Got my teeth cleaned and xrays. No cavities!!! I hardly ever have cavities. The secret is regular flossing. I always floss the night before I go see the dentist.


This morning I took the kid to school on my day off. After I dropped him off I parked on the Arkansas River and walked a little and took some pictures. I loved this bench and the bare branches of the tree, along with the River and the swell of Turkey Mountain in the background.



Friday night Logan had a comedy improv show. Laughing Matter Teen Improv at Clark Theater is a lot of fun. Logan is second from the left. We have been going for years and it has been fun watching these young people grow up.

So that is what I’ve been up to, what about you?

Skywatch Friday – Neighborhood Sky

#sunset in the neighborhood #best_skyshots #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok

The family went out to eat this weekend. When we got home the sky was ablaze.

And I cheated a little bit. The free generic android phone I use has an in-camera HDR function and I amped it up a little more with my favorite camera app Snapseed. Plus a car turned down the street at just the right time to add an exclamation mark to the whole thing. And then I posted it to Instagram and Facebook. So I’m a multiple non-repentant cheater.

Have you ever cheated? Tell me about it. I promise not to tell anybody but my closest thousand friends. Confession is good for you.

Skywatch Friday