Skywatch Friday – Autumn Sunset on the Arkansas River

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It’s officially Fall now. The sun is lower, each day is a little shorter than the previous day and the temperatures are going down and the air is drier and full of ragweed. I still run on the Arkansas River trails after work getting ready for the Tulsa Run 15K later this month.

Anyway the skies are so nice that I run for a while and stop and take photos for a while and then run a little more which is how I run races these days. It makes for a good excuse for why I don’t do better. At least I think it is a good excuse.

I use my cell phone to take the pics. It is a generic android phone that I got free at work. It is a Pantech. It is a lousy phone but it takes great pics and I didn’t have to wait in line or pay $399 to get it. And it is a 2013 model which means that is still more capable than a Iphone 6. Don’t get mad at me Iphone owners , just wait around for the Iphone 7 and then you will be about even with me. Unless of course I get a new free Pantech.

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29 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Autumn Sunset on the Arkansas River

  1. Ellen

    You always tell me that it’s not about how well you do at a race, but if you finish. Nothing wrong with taking your time and “smelling the roses” along the way. I have an iPhone, but it’s an iPhone 4. I refuse to pay for a phone so I wait until they offer me a free upgrade. Maybe someday I’ll have an iPhone 4S. Your phone does take great pics!

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Beautiful sky! I have to stop that way when I take a WALK! Always thankful to have my phone/camera for that excuse … and occasional decent picture. It’s funny how people get so attached to their particular phone brand and version. (I guess that would be ‘attached’ in more than one meaning of the word.)

  3. Arija

    That’s my kind of running, only these days it is only walking . . . Lovely sunset and great clouds in your header photo for SkyWatch.

  4. Anne Paley

    What a beautiful sky. I’m so glad you posted that as I haven’t a clue what else you were writing about. Shock, horror – I don’t possess a mobile phone!!!!!!!!

  5. Karen

    Your cellphone camera does take awesome photos. Mine kind of sucks at the images it takes. Love the colours and the cloud patterns. The shades are also very Autumn like..:-)

  6. Barb

    Well, we’ll see about that when I get my free upgrade to an iPhone 6! I like the way you train and run races. It’s all about enjoyment. Love the pic.

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