Foto Friday Fun – Unknown Lilac Automobile

This week I went the number 1500 in honor of Gaelyn, the Geopsy, aka Seasonal Park Ranger at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon’s 1500th post. As usual I’m a week or two late but at least I showed up. I put 1500 in my archive search function and this is what a I got!!


It’s a car, I know that, and it is purple or lilac or something. I’m not really sure. In fact I don’t even know what kind of car it is. I do know that I shot it at at the Leake Car Auction here in Tulsa a couple years ago. I like the looks of it though. So its kind of like “give me one of those.” Also, led lights for trucks exterior truck electrics can be bought here!

Somebody help me so Gaelyn will know what kind of car (photograph) that I’m giving her.

FotoFriday Fun

7 thoughts on “Foto Friday Fun – Unknown Lilac Automobile

  1. Elaine @ Arctic View

    Nice looking car! Good chance my hubby will be able to ID it, and if so I’ll let you know.

  2. Anne Paley

    I know exactly what sort of car this is RUBBISH. Here’s me thinking I had finally “trained” you into my way of thinking, when voila – up pops another so and so motor. Thank you Mr Bates, how to ruin a girl’s Sunday with one photograph!!!

    Oh, and just one other comment, what a washed out colour for a car – insipid:-) I feel so much better for getting that off my chest. LOL

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