The Journey to Rock City – Planting a Geocache On Turkey Mountain

Well, I found another old recyclable camera in the house on Labor Day. I was looking for trade trinkets that we were going to plant in a new geocache. It has some exposures left on it so I decided to take it along to document the geocache planting process.

SuperPizzaBoy and Sweetie on the trail. It’s about a mile and half hike to the cache site from the nearest parking lot. People who want this cache are going to have to earn it. Many people think I’m crazy but I love the look of film, especially old film, especially old film that is exposed in a camera with a plastic lens. I’m just wild about it. I’m crazy about bad pictures. I really am.


It’s been hot here and many of the leaves have fallen off the trees. The temperature was in the 70’s though so we were lucky.


Here we are at Ground Zero. The place is called Rock City because, well I think because it has lots of rocks. Of course there are rocks scattered from one end of Turkey Mountain to the other but this area is called Rock City.


Sweetie is kind of acting like she is mayor of Rock City.


Here is your clue. If you don’t have a GPS receiver just walk around until you see that forked stick. The cache is real close. I hate giving it away like that.


Yep, that’s me, I saved my biggest widest grin for this pic. I hope you appreciate it. And I know I’m thinning a little on top. I’ve been warned by the FAA not to take my hat off if I’m within five miles of an airport. Pilots have been blinded by the glare off the ground.


Mission Accomplished! We’re all happy, especially SPB. He doesn’t understand pointless walks in the woods.


So we went somewhere he could understand.

Next steps?  I have forms to fill out for the Tulsa RiverParks Authority that administers the park to get a permit. That in hand I submit the cache to and hopefully they post it. Could take a week or so. I’ll let you know.

Also, when I got the camera developed I found some photographs I took during my Dad’s 80th birthday party a few years ago.

Geocaching 101

12 thoughts on “The Journey to Rock City – Planting a Geocache On Turkey Mountain

  1. Leedslass

    Looking at that photograph of the three of you I would say you are the ONLY person who is unhappy to leave the wood walk – Sweetie and SPB look ecstatic! I’d be on their side.

  2. Barb

    Do you know many people spend hours trying to give their photos that textured look? You manage it by finding an old camera with some film left! Glad that SPB is still willing to take those pointless walks with you (though a little bribery might be necessary).

  3. T Z

    Man I sure wanted to be the FTF. I was sure I could find the rock and the stick. I found where SPB and Sweetie were standing, but not the rock. After not finding the stick, I looked for likely places for a cache. Then, I tried to “think like Yogi”, and that only got me more confused. Oh well… Another time perhaps.

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