2014 US National Arabian and Half Arabian Championship Horse Show


My sister Ellen and niece Jillian were in Tulsa this weekend to attend to the U.S. National Arabian Horse Show held this weekend. I don’t know a thing about horses but I sure do love to attend the show. It is quite an event.


There is lots of money involved in Arabian horses. Jut look at this horse trailer.


The various horse farms that participate decorate up the their stalls very nicely. Televisions, bars, comfy furniture. It is really quite remarkable.


But the real attraction are the horses. They are incredibly beautiful and graceful and they have attitude. The best of them have the air that they are not quite under control.


The final event Saturday night is quite elegant. Green sawdust and the judges are all dressed up.


You can tell that the horses and their handlers have spent a lot of time training together.


I’ll repeat myself, the horses are incredibly beautiful. I tried to get good photographs of them during the riding events but they are all very blurry.

I did take a 12 second video that is not too bad. The horses are incredibly graceful.

I’ll keep going to this event as long as they have it in Tulsa is what I think. And you know something. The event is free for spectators. You just walk in and sit down in the general seating area like you owned the joint.

Have you ever been to a horse show? Tell us about it.

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9 thoughts on “2014 US National Arabian and Half Arabian Championship Horse Show

  1. Marie-AZ

    Be still my heart! Oh, how I would have loved this as a little girl! And even now!!!! Wow! I love Arabians so much!!!!Great photos and video!

  2. Jeanie

    Long ago when I was in high school I worked every year at the Tulsa Charity Horse Show. I loved every minute of it but I haven’t been to a horse show since then.

  3. Barb

    Arabians are gorgeous – I love the way they hold themselves and move. My Granddaughter is in love with horses. She doesn’t own one, but has taken riding and jumping lessons for 6 years, since she was 5. We attend her shows, and I am usually a nervous wreck, so I can’t really enjoy them. Her favorite horse to ride is part Arabian.

  4. DrillerAA

    Yes, I’ve been to the Youth Palomino World Championships, when they were held in Tulsa. I enjoyed the whole experience. The grand daughter of one of our friends competed and won several first place ribbons in Western Pleasure. Like you, I was fascinated by the action in the stalls as much as in the arena. It was a great week-end.

  5. Ellen

    It is a great time and I will be there with you. Hopefully they will keep it in Tulsa as the venue is really nice and the weather is perfect! I’m so glad you got a short video, I meant to do that and forgot. The horses are magnificent and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

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