Geocaching on a Sunday Afternoon


The weather was warm and sunny on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys are not playing until Monday night, Logan had a friend over, the lawn didn’t need mowing so I loaded up and ventured to Tulsa’s Oxley Nature Center to hike their North Loop trail and see if I could find a geocache or two.

Oxley Nature Center North Woods Trail

I’ve hiked the trail several times over the years. I have never ever met anybody else. So I guess that it makes it my trail. Sunday was perfect, if a bit warm. What I loved was the that the wind was blowing quite hard but in the woods, on the ground, noting was stirring but the you could see and hear the tree tops going back and forth. I don’t know about you but that is about the sweetest music I could ever hear.


I was in heaven out in the woods. It is how I recharge my batteries.


The October light was awesome. The trees haven’t changed color but they are thinking about it. Everything is getting a little more pale.


I found only one cache but you know, looking for caches is all the fun. I love geocachers, “OkieBeans”, “Barrel O’Monkeys” only bloggers get more creative with their handles. I looked for three┬ácaches. I found two actually but could only log one. The other one I could see it but I certainly wasn’t going to try and get it when I’m out their by myself.


I rested a little bit, wondering why I didn’t bring any water on such a hot day. I didn’t figure that out but I did enjoy sitting on my personal bench on my personal trail. Oh, by the way, feel free to come out and hike my trails, nobody else seems to be.

You can see my various wanderings on my hike above. I parked my car and gathered up my stuff and headed down the trail and then realized that I didn’t spray myself with DEET. I thought all heck with it and then I remembered how miserable I am both with the chiggers and other creepy crawlers so then I went back. You can also see where I stop and try and find the geocaches and other times when I lose the trail and have to go figure out which way to go. Plus I stop for photography breaks and have been known just to stop and look around at what is going on around me.

Anyway, a great Sunday afternoon that the Cowboys didn’t get a chance to ruin.

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9 thoughts on “Geocaching on a Sunday Afternoon

  1. Ellen

    I recharge my batteries in the mountains and woods too so I understand what you mean. It must be nice to have your own trail, I’m still trying to find mine here in Colorado. Beautiful pics, especially the bridge.

  2. Valerie, Australia

    Fabulous shot of the leaves on the bridge Alan. I know what you mean about a particular environment “recharging your batteries” – I too find that getting away from suburbia has the same effect; an opportunity to be still and quiet and absorb the sights, sounds and smells of nature! Thank you for sharing your “personal” trail.

  3. Gaelyn

    What a special treat to have a trail of your own. I could hear the crunch of the leaves under your feet and love the rustle of trees blowing in the wind overhead.

  4. rundive12/clarajean

    From a fellow geocacher and runner, I enjoyed your trail today. I signed nine logs today. One that you signed and two that you didn’t. We had the trails all to ourselves, the only other that we saw had four legs and white tails. The colors are brilliant right now and the weather perfect. I got my 1000th find today.

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