Skywatch Friday – First Ride of the Year

Last Saturday during a cool morning with a chilly breeze  Logan had his first horseback ride of the year at All-Star Therapy Group in Ramona up in Pioneer Woman country north of Tulsa. What with finals last year and Christmas, and his rehearsal and performance schedule in the play he was in we hadn’t been.

Logan All Star After Topaz Glow Graphic II

Bob, the guy that runs the place just let Logan and the Cisco run around and around under the big Oklahoma sky. Both the kid and the horse had some pent up energy so they got to work it off. Logan had a big grin on his face the whole time. Good times when the kid grins. You parents out there know what I’m talking about.

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11 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – First Ride of the Year

  1. sylviakirk

    Ah, he does look like he’s enjoying his ride — I can relate, I felt the same way every time I climbed into the saddle!! I still miss my horses!! Thanks for sharing the fun as always!! Hope all of you have a great weekend!!!

  2. DeniseinVA

    Logan looks great on the back of a horse, and so comfortable in the saddle. You can tell he loves it just by his body language. I love horses but I haven’t been on the back of a horse in years. I don’t really know how to ride properly and would be in trouble if the horse decided to suddenly do a fast trot. But a girl can dream 🙂

  3. Kim,USA

    Looks like the weather is great. Remind me to put horse back riding in my list this year. I so love to try riding a horse I might as well do it this year before my 50’s!! LOL!!


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