Geocache Maintenance on Turkey Mountain


My Kia Soul parked on Turkey Mountain where the new Outlet Mall is going.

My friend Trail Zombie told me the other day that he thought my Rock City geocache on Turkey Mountain had gone missing. About the same time I got an email from a pesky out of state Geocaching Dot Com Administrator basically telling me to go check the cache.


Okay, Okay I get it, I will!! Having a teenager in the house I knew hot to act. So off I went last Saturday. I dropped the kid off at his Improv class and sped to the nearest Dollar General Store and got me some new containers and notebooks. I got several because, well, you know, well it turns out that several of my caches were gone missing. But hey, I’ve been busy.

I took along my new SJCAM SJ4000. It is a Go Pro clone for cheapskates like me. The video is pretty darn boring but itĀ gives you and idea of the trails on Turkey Mountain.

And this video shows me getting closer to Rock City. Named for the big rocks there. We Okies re pretty darned creative with our place names don’t you think?


Anyway I took a little different route back with smoother flatter trails.


And I love this big old tree. I think that it is outside the boundaries of the proposed outlet mall. At least I hope it is.

I was fully nerded out with cell phone, camera, video camera, and a GPS enabled watch. Why you ask? Well you wouldn’t take a Ferrari out with instrumentation would you? Anyway the above shows you the route.

After I left Turkey Mountain I motored downtown, checked on one cache, replaced another, and then went over close to Saint Francis Hospital, replaced one near there (not on hospital property), and then over to a big freeway exchange in south Tulsa where I had yet another one that had gone missing.

And I still picked the kid up on time.

A busy fun time.

8 thoughts on “Geocache Maintenance on Turkey Mountain

  1. Ellen

    How do they go missing? Does someone actually steal them or does a non-geocacher come across them and think they’re free for the taking? I think if they try to cut that tree down you should stage a sit in and chain yourself to that tree. Really sad they’re going to develop that area.

    1. yogisd7_wp Post author

      Yes, it is usually finds it and then takes it. Sometimes inadvertant finders leave a note but don’t take the cache. That is kind of fun.

    1. yogisd7_wp Post author

      Oh, if you don’t take care of them then the admins will kill them. Otherwise it leads to too much frustration as people look for caches that are not there.

  2. Gaelyn

    I can’t imagine why even Moogles (isn’t that what you call us) would steal a cache. That’s low. But at least you got to walk in the woods to take care of some of them. Hate that Mall.

  3. Barb Behmer

    It really looks dry there. We see so many people on the ski mountain with the Go Pros. I hate to think of Turkey Mountain taken over by a shopping mall.

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