Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Blue Doorway Edition


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On the east side of downtown Tulsa there is a blue doorway. I don’t know who owns it or where it goes but lots of people show up to to take pictures of it or pose people around it. I love it.



Saturday night and Logan is performing with other teens at Tulsa’s Clark Theater. Lots of fun and candid shots on show night.



Several years ago Tulsa converted their downtown mall back to streets with a traffic circle around a fountain. The fountain has taken dings from various drunk drivers. Lately the latest high tech drunk driver proof fountain, within the circle, at the square opened up. We locals are keeping our fingers crossed that it makes it through Saint Patrick’s Day. I’ll  keep you posted.

Look Up


The Arch in Saint Louis is something to behold.


Fat Tire 1

Because of Oklahoma’s strange liquor laws we can’t get New Belgium Brewery products like Fat Tire beer. So I stuff my shopping cart when I am out of state.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

19 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Blue Doorway Edition

  1. Leedslass

    I thought at first you’d given the “door” picture the Diana treatment – genuinely cannot see why people should want to photograph themselves there. Perhaps you have to be there to understand?
    No idea if that roundabout is at ground level or not but, surely, drunken drivers will quickly sober up if caught in its cascades?
    My final comment re. your beer intake is “something for the weekend Sir?”
    As I keep telling you, I look forward to your weekend posts – they’re so imaginative and fun.

  2. DrillerAA09

    Nice set of images Yogi. I can see that blue doorway being used as a background for senior portraits etc. Great angle for the St. Louis Arch! I used to work downtown when the whole Bartlet Square was built and the streets were a pedestrian mall…or sorts. I didn’t participate this week but will try to get back in the game next week.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Jeanie

    The doorway picture is very interesting…..makes me wonder what is behind it.
    I like that Logan looks so involved in his performance.
    I wonder how you make a fountain drunk driver proof. Whatever they did, I hope it works.

  4. Charity Paschall

    The blue doorway is too cool! I am originally from Oklahoma (Okmulgee) and love to see/hear others talking about it. When I am in Tulsa, I love to visit the Goodwill stores. The angle on the Arch is great as well!

  5. Diane Baker-Williams

    The person that painted the door is probably thinking they should have painted it better. I get the attraction; very unique and rustic looking. Love the angle you took with the arch. remember being stationed at Ft. Sill,I found the beer laws to be strange back then. You may have persuaded me to try that beer.

  6. Martha Curtis

    I love your photo of the door. I guess I need to visit downtown Tulsa for a photo session. I don’t remembering ever going to that mall area. Is the blue door close to this mall? Great angle of the Arch.

  7. Karen S.

    Of course that door grabs my attention, and curiosity. Do you think it’s actually a working door or is it closed up? Great delicious goodies in the cart too!

  8. Karen S.

    Of course that door grabs my attention, and curiosity. Do you think it’s actually a working door or is it closed up? Great delicious goodies in the cart too!

  9. Daryl

    you reminded me of a time a million years ago when i dated a guy stationed at the navel air station in jacksonville florida .. whenever any of the pilots went over the rockies they came back with a load of coors .. all that was sold in florida back then was bud

  10. Ida

    That doorway shot is so cool. I think it makes an awesome background and would be great to have your photo taken next to.
    Fun Candid Shot.
    Loved your Look Up shot, what a great angle.
    Stuffed with Beer…not so much for me. I’ve never drank beer at all. Could I substitute Champagne?

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