A City in Four Photographs

Downtown Tulsa from the south. It is a different view than most. It actually has a little bit of a big city feel to it. 

Thursday was a whirlwind day. Heather and I had some personal business to attend to first thing in the morning so we drove Logan up to his school in east Tulsa and then drove to south of south Tulsa to the ‘burb of Bixby. Bixby is growng really fast and they have done a piss poor job of planning (“‘excuse my French”) because they have only one major north south street and so things get pretty tied up. We got there a little late but then we had to wait. So  guess we were early not late.

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This is a double exposure. I used an Ipod Touch App called “Diana.” It takes two random photographs and mashes them together. You just keep shaking the device until you get something you like. I would say that only about one out of twenty combinations is halfway interesting. Still kind of fun to play with.

Then we drove back home and I drove downtown to work. And then to north Tulsa to Tulsa Country Club for the Natural Gas and Energy Association of Oklahoma Meeting and some networking. There I met our just retired CEO in the parking lot. I think he was going golfing, it was strange seeing him all casually dressed. Nice guy, very intense but a very nice guy. 

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I don’t know what it is but I love the fire escapes in the old buildings downtown. I just wonder what they would be like to actually use. I don’t think women in heels would do very well on these.

Back to the office and then back to south Tulsa for a meeting to clear up some confusion with a customer. Confused customers are not happy customers in my opinion. My coworker that drove was just winging it on the location of the customer’s office so we went round and round for a bit. We drove by Logan’s friend Doc’s house at one point. We got there, and unconfused the customer I think. 

Downtown Tulsa from the "Spider" on Turkey Mountain
Downtown Tulsa from the south end of Turkey Mountain Park. I love Turkey Mountain and how it is a wilderness in the middle of the city.  We need wilderness in the middle of our cities.

And then back downtown and a bunch of people stopping by saying “Did you read my email?” No, I didn’t read your fricking email dude. I get about 150 emails a day at work a day. I don’t really read them.anymore. I’ve checked, there is actually no company policy that says you have to read your email. Our policies and procedures cover everything under the sun so if they wanted me to read email they would have a policy in place telling me to do so. Do you feel less of me for not reading my work email? Information Overload is what I call it. The youngin’s don’t bother with email either. They “Instant Message” all their stuff. But only with cool, hip, people. So I don’t get IM’d

Do you read all your email at work?

10 thoughts on “A City in Four Photographs

  1. Jennifer A. Jilks

    Happily retired, I don’t have this issue any more! But ths school board relied on it extensively. It was a pain.
    I’ve noticed that many government agencies don’t send publications, you have to print it at home, on your dime.
    I always love your architectural-theme photos. Well done.

  2. Barb

    That Diana sounds like a kaleidoscope. I like all the city shots – I especially like the fire escape composition. No business E-mail for me – thank goodness!

  3. Leedslass

    I like the “Diana” shot but have to wonder, if anyone saw you shaking your camera, what they thought! I’m totally dumbstruck at what widgets and gadgets are available nowadays. Life is moving at a pace that I find hard to conceive and it’s only by reading the gobbledegook (to me)that you write, which brings me into the modern world. Thanks for that – only wish I knew what you were writing about half the time:-)
    I too like the fire escape – to my eyes “very American”.

  4. EG CameraGirl

    I am thinking I NEED to get some neat iPod apps. I think work emails (and I include volunteer work emails in this) are a real PAIN. Way too much information.

  5. DrillerAA09

    Love the images. Some days do seem to get so filled with activities that we seem to meet ourselves coming and going. At the end of the day we wonder if anything meaningful really happened.
    E-mail was a primary means of communication in our office and yes, we were required to respond. When I retired,instant messaging was being implemented as a means of reducing the amount of e-mails that we received. It does seem ironic that we have so many means of communication at our finger tips and yet, we seem to have more difficulty with our communication skills than ever. Now that I am retired, I pretty much communicate on my own terms, much to the disdain of my family. Have a blessed week-end.

  6. Vagabonde

    I looked at all your past posts – mine are not so frequent but they are quite long. I did get the Tiny Planet app after seeing your pictures. I used the picture of veggies I had on my blog and it did not look good with Tiny Planet. What type of pictures look better with this app?
    I am retired so I don’t have to look at work emails anymore – that is a relief! I like your picture of Turkey Mountain with the sun in the background – I find taking the sun like this is not easy.

  7. Ellen

    You bet I do–if I don’t constantly monitor my email I might miss an internal customer who is having computer issues, then I have an unhappy customer who for some reason or another didn’t pick up the phone to make sure his/her problem was known. Sounds like a lot of driving for one day.

  8. Daryl

    i am now tempted to check out that app .. i dont read all my email at the office .. i have three email accounts: Gmail for the blog, an Outlook account for the office and a RR account for home.. whew

  9. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Cheez, I’m exhausted just reading about your day. I wrote to you about it. Did you get the e-mail? ;>).

    E-mail/the internet…all that new and wonderful stuff…came to our office when it was brand new. Everybody went crazy sending emails, walking to the people’s offices t inquire if they got it, standing there while they looked and read it, and then telling them what it said in case they hadn’t been able to read it. Oh those were the days. (Of course for those of us who started out our working careers sending messages by smoke signals and sempaphore flags it was all a wonderful and new world.)

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