Weekend Reflections – Turkey Mountain

I celebrated the news of Simon Property Group abandoning their “Premium Outlet Mall” on Turkey Mountain by going for a run on the mountain. (What the heck is a Premium Outlet Mall anyway?)


We’ve had lots of rain here in Oklahoma and although we had two dry days there were patches of soggy trails here and there that slowed me down. It wasn’t too bad though. I started out on the blue trail, then did some of the pink trail, then just did my own thing, and then the yellow for a good distance and then did some more of my own thing.


I made it over to Pepsi Lake and it was great to see it full of water again. It was about to turn into a meadow a few months ago but it is full to the brim now.

There was even some water running over the spillway. It has been a long time since I have seen running water on the mountain.

This is the route I took. For some reason my watch didn’t start when I wanted it to but that’s okay. Life is good up on the mountain. I am very glad they outlet mall threat is gone.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Turkey Mountain

  1. Driller's Place

    Great way to celebrate the announcement and we’re always grateful that you take your camera and share the adventure. Just for the record, I believe that “Premium Outlet Mall” is a brand name that Simon has given to these developments. There are “Premium Outlet Malls” in 24 states, including Texas, Missouri, California, and Florida. Typically there is a different mix of store brands in a Premium Outlet than in a Tanger Outlet. I have even seen a Premium Outlet and a Tanger Outlet sitting side by side, creating a Mega-outlet for those who truly intend to shop til they drop.

  2. Ellen

    Great news about the mall! My favorite trails at Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon have been destroyed by all the rain. The city has closed them, but luckily they’ve earmarked several million dollars to restore them as soon as possible so that the tourist industry isn’t affected too badly. Makes me sad to know there’s nowhere to go hiking until this weather dries up. I’ll never complain about the rain, but I’d sure like to see the sun for a few days.

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