Hot Weather Run on the River


Hot weather means less people running and cycling on the Trails.

While we were in Hawaii the weather here in Tulsa got hot. We are now approaching full blown summer weather. Last Wednesday I went for a run after work in the 96F heat. I know how to run in the heat. Run slow, which comes naturally to me, carry water, take lots of breaks and listen to your body is what I do.


With the construction of a gathering place going on, running is limited on the east side so I cross over to the west side of the river. With all the rain we have had the river is up and there are lots more fishermen that what I normally see. I don’t know what they are fishing for but they are hard at it.


I found a little cross stuck in the ground. A memorial to somebody obviously. I don’t know who and there were no names. I say a little prayer for peace to whoever put it there and move on.


The main function of Tulsa Power Station is to bolster the rate base. I think it is the last unit on and the first one off during the summertime heat loads. It sure seems to fire up during smog alerts in the summer.

I only went about a mile and a half down the river to the PSO Tulsa Power Station and went down to the long forgotten kayak run (now visited only by geocachers I think) to where you can right down on the river.


180 degree panorma

The river is up several feet and was pretty wild. It would be easy to drown in this water if you were not careful.

A 12 second video of the water. Loud and fast. Thank goodness and the Corps of Engineers for Keystone Dam upstream of Tulsa or things could really be interesting. Tulsa used to have bad flooding way back when before the dam was put in.


Running back I got this subtle reflection of the river of a condo across the way. You can tell why we call northeast Oklahoma “Green Country.” Everything is greening up this year with all the rain we have had.


The shadows are longer. Time to go home, shower, eat dinner and down a cold one ( or two.)

Have you gone any adventures yet?

6 thoughts on “Hot Weather Run on the River

  1. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    Wow–it has gotten hot there!

    The South Platte River here is also about to crest if we have any more rain, despite the ACOE very large dam at Chatfield. Too much rain this spring with this El Nino system in the Pacific!

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Wow — in that heat (which we have here) I WALK slow … can’t even imagine running in it. Brave man. Interesting run though and you get further running slow than walking, that is for sure. I’d rather be in an air-conditioned gym doing Heather’s class though this time of year ;>)

  3. Donna

    Welcome home! Robert and I were also impressed with the sound and force (and ocean smell!) of the Arkansas River at Keystone Dam yesterday. Enjoyed your jog and blog.

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