USS Missouri now at Pearl Harbor, back then in San Francisco

Battleship MIssouri Pearl Harbor - restyle

One of the highlights of our trip to Hawaii was Pearl Harbor. The old battleship, the USS Missouri is not berthed there and serves as a floating museum just down the harbor from the USS Arizona memorial. I would have loved to tour the Missouri but we were on a tour and didn’t have enough time. So maybe next time.


Brother Bob – all dressed up and the Mighty Mo’

I had actually been on the deck of the Missouri before. Way back in 1986 when it was recommissioned in San Francisco after being modernized with cruise missiles and other modern armament. You see my brother Bob was on the original crew after the refitting. I got to walk across the teak deck and view the plaque commemorating the exact spot where Japan signed the surrender of World War II. I think Bob served on the ship for three or four years and went around the world several times. I don’t think he was on the ship when it served in the first Gulf War. He was and is proud to have served on such a famous ship.


Sorry for the tilt

So, it was kind of nice to see the ship preserved and not salvaged and used to make Kias and Walmart trinkets. Instead it looks to me that it is guarding the USS Arizona Memorial.


Here’s me all dressed up and about 30 pounds lighter.


Uncle Bob again


So, I hope to see it up close and personal next time.


6 thoughts on “USS Missouri now at Pearl Harbor, back then in San Francisco

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    My granddaughter and her husband lived on Hickham AFB when they were first married, he was stationed there. When I visited, we toured Pearl Harbor one day, . Excellent tour. So the Missouri is now going to be there instead of CA?

  2. Ellen

    Wow, you and Bob were so young and skinny! I also got to go onboard the Missouri when it was in the mothball fleet in Bremerhaven, WA many, many years ago. It’s really cool that Bob got to serve on that ship.

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