Kaui Helicopter Rainbow

Kauai Helicopter Rainbow  Topaz

A definite highlight of our vacation to Hawaii was helicopter tour that Logan’s Grandmother and my MIL gifted him for his birthday. It was great and I’m going to post about it in more depth in the future. For now, I’m posting this rainbow. I’m not sure exactly where we were on Kauai when this rainbow appeared but the island is home to Mount Waialeale which at an average rainfall of 452 inches per year is called the wettest place on earth. So it is probably a good place to see rainbows.

All I know is that the Kauai is beautiful and magical.

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22 thoughts on “Kaui Helicopter Rainbow

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, a super birthday gift indeed!! What an awesome sight!! All of that beauty and a rainbow, too!! Doesn’t get any better!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty!!

  2. DrillerAA

    Wow! Any place that gets over an average of 1″+ of rain per day is certainly among the wettest places on the planet. The rainbow is certainly a bonus to any tour.

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