Kind of a Wordless Wednesday – One Day’s One Hour Urban Hike

#DennisRNeil #EqualityCenter I love the #bunting #downtowntulsa  #noonrunning #running #cloudyskies

Dennis R Neil Equality Center

Centennial Park

Centennial Park

Centennial Park


American Legion


Former Adah Robinson Residence in Tracy Park. Designed by #BruceGoff and Robinson with Joseph Koberling #artdeco #Tulsa #Oklahoma #architecture #tracyparkhistoricdistrict

Adah Robinson Residence – Early Day Tulsa Architect

#UrbanTrailRunning #Bouldering #DowntownTulsa #UrbanExploring



I guess he ran out of paint. Or maybe he got ran out.


It is amazing, if you look closely, how many people sleep outside in and around downtown.


8 thoughts on “Kind of a Wordless Wednesday – One Day’s One Hour Urban Hike

  1. Driller's Place

    Very interesting Urban Hike. Thanks for taking us along. It looks like the Adah Robinson House is due for another refurbishment. Most people would walk by that home and never give it a second thought. Really nice set of images Yogi.

  2. sylviakirk

    I do agree with EG!! That is a lot to see on a walk and I love it all! Terrific captures for the day as always!! Hope your week is going well!!

  3. Barb

    All these differing scenes in an hour? Your city has a lot of green space which is nice. I see you also have an “octopus tree.” I thought mine was the only one.

  4. Amy

    urban hike- very cool way of explaining it. I love taking a walk around the area – so much to discover 🙂

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