Boys Night Out – Exiled from the House


Heather has her monthly book group all year but she hosts it one month generally in the summer. Lots of preparation goes into a book group meeting. The house gets cleaned and the decorations refreshed. Menus are examined, the wines and other refreshments purchased. And of course the book has to be read. It is a big deal. The group has been meeting I think for around twenty years or more.


Logan and I always bug out when the book group is at our house. When he was basically a newborn I stayed with him upstairs in the nursery while the book group was meeting. All the other times we go somewhere. We call it “Boys Night Out.” On school nights we generally just go eat and check out a bookstore or something. During the summer we can stay out later. Last Tuesday night, we went downtown and had some barbecue and then walked down to the stadium from the restaurant. I love that we can do that now.


I love baseball at any level from peewee games to the major leagues. Tulsa has a AA team that plays at a high level. My employer bought naming rights to the stadium and so we get tickets at half price. I love it.

DSCN4262Now Logan hates baseball and so he takes his book and he likes to get up and wander up and down the aisle. So here he is going down. DSCN4268

And here is coming back up with his Harry Potter book under his arm.

DSCN4258He finally settled down some so we could watch the game. Not many people out on a Tuesday night so we could stretch out. DSCN4254

We left with about an inning to go. I am not one who has to stay until the bitter end. I just like watching the game and my fellow fans


Like this guy who was looking for a family member. Such an expressive look.

Do you ever get locked out of the house because of something your spouse has going on?

11 thoughts on “Boys Night Out – Exiled from the House

  1. Driller's Place

    Yep, a couple of times a year I am given the choice of being confined to the computer room (which is not a bad thing) or leaving the premises. I usually pick the latter. Like you, I can go see the NWA Naturals play baseball, or maybe grab the camera a go look for photo opportunities.

  2. sylviakirk

    Ah, looks like you guys had a fun night — probably even more than the book club!! Fun captures for the day! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Barb

    All I can say is by the looks of the table (and the mention of wine), I want to be in Heather’s book group. Forget baseball!

  4. Birdman

    Locked out? No.
    Run out? Yes.
    A week ago a friend came for lunch… they talked for 5 hours. And she says I’m the one who can’t stop talkin’. Ha!

  5. Janie of Utah

    That Cardinals fan looks kinda scary. I like how Logan carries his book everywhere.
    I kick my spouse out when I host book club, too. Poor guy. He never actually kicks me out when he (rarely) has a chance to watch a ball game with our sons. However, since sports, other than horses, are very boring, I take a hint from Logan and carry my book around.

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