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Camera Critters – Oklahoma Aquarium

Logan and the Sea Turtle wave at each other. My employer helped pay for this exhibit.

Once a month during Heather’s Book Group meetings, Logan and I have “Boys Night Out.” Recently we checked out the Oklahoma Aquarium in the Tulsa suburb of Jenks. They recently opened up the Polynesian Reef Exhibit.


It’s beautiful. The exhibit looks better than I photographed it.


I love this colorful Red Spined Starfish. 


And this turtle. 


The African Cichlids have been there a while. I love the colors and the random patterns.


If you are an Oklahoma fisherman, these striped bass are the ultimate in Oklahoma. They are huge.

We had a good time. Check the Aquarium’s Website for information to plan your visit. They are open late on Tuesdays which makes it very handy for Boys Night Out!

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Boys Night Out – Exiled from the House


Heather has her monthly book group all year but she hosts it one month generally in the summer. Lots of preparation goes into a book group meeting. The house gets cleaned and the decorations refreshed. Menus are examined, the wines and other refreshments purchased. And of course the book has to be read. It is a big deal. The group has been meeting I think for around twenty years or more.


Logan and I always bug out when the book group is at our house. When he was basically a newborn I stayed with him upstairs in the nursery while the book group was meeting. All the other times we go somewhere. We call it “Boys Night Out.” On school nights we generally just go eat and check out a bookstore or something. During the summer we can stay out later. Last Tuesday night, we went downtown and had some barbecue and then walked down to the stadium from the restaurant. I love that we can do that now.


I love baseball at any level from peewee games to the major leagues. Tulsa has a AA team that plays at a high level. My employer bought naming rights to the stadium and so we get tickets at half price. I love it.

DSCN4262Now Logan hates baseball and so he takes his book and he likes to get up and wander up and down the aisle. So here he is going down. DSCN4268

And here is coming back up with his Harry Potter book under his arm.

DSCN4258He finally settled down some so we could watch the game. Not many people out on a Tuesday night so we could stretch out. DSCN4254

We left with about an inning to go. I am not one who has to stay until the bitter end. I just like watching the game and my fellow fans


Like this guy who was looking for a family member. Such an expressive look.

Do you ever get locked out of the house because of something your spouse has going on?

Off to the Ball Game


Heather had her book group last night so Logan and I had our monthly “Boys Night Out.” It will be our last one this summer that is not a school night and we decided to go  to Top That Pizza to eat and then go downtown to ONEOK Field to see our hometown AA Drillers play the Springfield Cardinals last night.


The game was uninspiring but it was nice an cool and being a Tuesday night it was uncrowded and this being Tulsa we saw a couple of people I know. Tulsa is the biggest small town I’ve ever seen. I swear that almost anybody you meet here if you start talking with them pretty soon you will find several mutual acquaintances. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else.


Anyway, after our night of pizza, ice cream for Logan, a nice wheat beer for me, we headed home. I think this was our 193rd monthly boys night out.


I hope that we have a thousand hundred more.