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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Alone Edition

1. A Pile

Smoke Stack BBQ

A pile, a pile,… I have no pics of piles (that I’m willing to share anyway). Wait, a stack is kind of like a pile. How about Smoke Stack Barbecue!!! Whatever that is.

2. Starts with A


How about Arabian Horses?? My sister and niece Jillian have come down the last two years to Tulsa and we have gone to the Arabian Horse Show. They can’t make it this year but I just might go myself. The horses are beautiful and magnificent and the show is quite an event.

3. Remember


When I was a kid we lived for a while in Payson, Arizona. We went back some time ago for the first time in over 40 years and it was great remembering. My Dad was the Forest Ranger for the Payson Diistrict of the Tonto National Forest. That is my Dad and brother. The building is my Dad’s old office and is now part of a museum as is the former Assistant Ranger’s residence. Kind of strange walking into a house that you remember very well and seeing it as a museum. ┬áIt was all good. Except that my first grade teacher who used to beat the crap out of six year olds has a school named after her and is revered as a saint. I don’t get that. I got slapped out of my seat more than once by her.

4. Strength

Muskogee Creek Nation 5K

I participated in a 5K a while ago sponsored by the Creek Nation. It was part of a program to increase the health of tribal members. I’m not a member but they let me sign up.

5. Solo


Yep, here I be, all by myself

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