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First Bike Ride of the Year

My employer had a few events during Earth Week and one of them was a presention from a couple people from the The Tulsa Hub (check them out, they do lots of good stuff. They are trying to change lives through bicycling) about basic maintenance on bicycles. I’ve had mine for a few years now and have not done anything so I paid attention and even asked a few questions about several things especially, chain maintenance. I’ve had my bike for several years now and have not done anything besides air up the tires since. So I went to the store and bought the degreaser and the chain oil and got some rags and cleaned and oiled both my bike and Heather’s. Last Sunday I decided to go out for a ride. Heather couldn’t go so I went by myself.


We live within a mile of a part of Tulsa’s extensive bike path system so I rode my bike from the house over there and made my way east to the Liberty Trail in Broken Arrow paralleling the Creek Turnpike Extension. The Liberty Trail passes very close to my MIL’s house and I have walked over to her house about three times so far. It’s about seven miles so it is not a bad walk at all. One of these days Heather and I will ride our bikes to her house.


I only stopped to rest once on my leg out. I liked this tree and I liked the water fountain. A miscalculation on my part was not enough water. I brought a water bottle but I thought there was more water available along the path than what there turned out to be. I have a hydration pack that holds 1.5 liters. I might bring that, in addition to a bigger water bottle next time I ride this route.


And here is a shadow selifie of me at the halfway point. Tired and thirsty.


I did a little more sightseeing on the way back. I stopped to take a photo of the horse. He (I guess it is a he) walked up to me seeming pretty friendly. He let me rub his nose for a little bit.


Nice horse but I had to go.


And I saw this little thing out in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea what it is about. There are lots of roadside memorials in Tulsa in memory of people who died in car accidents but they generally have some information about who the person is.


Stopped near the end to take this photo. I have taken this shot many times but what I liked about this was that the sun was low enough that the reflections actually illuminated the bottom of the bridge.  Yeah, sorry, I like stuff like that.

Anyway, I got home very tired and thirsty. Just shy of 25 miles. Not bad for an old guy who hasn’t ridden since September. Time to rehydrate with a couple craft beers and a gallon or two of water.

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2015 Tulsa Boat Show

Saturday, I dropped the kid off at his Improv class and headed over to the Tulsa Boat Show. Logan and his mother hate the boat show so if I want to go I have to go when I can.


And I found some boats. I loved this tri hull pontoon boat. Pontoon boats make for a lot of room and a smooth ride. They are not too sexy though.


The dealers had their big boats there also. Yes, there are lots of these, and bigger, on Oklahoma lakes. I think the boats are bigger than the lakes just between you and me.


Once I have paid the fee to get in, I have never bought anything at the boat show. Nothing, not even food (it is kind of like fair food.) Still it is fun seeing what is for sale. I would like some property where I could tool around in a four wheeler like the above.


They had an amphibious car, or maybe it is an amphibious boat. A car that get in water.


It has a most manly instrument panel don’t you think.


A Dobbertin Hydrocar.

Here is a video from four or five years ago. Yes, it can go pretty good but never gets up on plane. It just plows through the water.


And they had some Indian Motorcycles. I’ll take red please. They are beautiful.


They also had some funky powered assist bicycles. They can go up to 25 miles per hear I heard a salesman tellsomebody.


Weapons are extra.


I’m a sucker for old woonden power boats. They are just so cool. This is an Aristo Craft, 1956 model. $16,000 bucks and it is yours.


I think that would is beautiful.


there are lots of trailers at the show also. They get fancier ever year. This one has a rear deck. You have to provide your own kids though. Maybe next year they will have them with kids. Stay tuned.


This is more my speed. I love the color.



Many trailers and RV’s now have outside kitchens, stereos, televisions. I think that would be nice.

What about you? Have you been to a boat show lately?

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