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The Creative Playroom – Roadside Junk Art

Junk Car Topaz Impressions Colored Pencil I 100 pct

I found this old junk car, decorated with Christmas Lights, and a funny sign in downtown Tulsa not far from Route 66 so I had to do something with it. I the core downtown area of Tulsa with its beautiful art deco buildings and I also love the “squalor zone” surrounding the core downtown where the warehouses, old apartments, and machine shops where the art galleries, union halls, and collision repair shops coexist and where the interesting finds are.

I used Topaz Labs Impressions software on this and the “Colored Pencil I” filter. I didn’t back it off any. I like how the clumps of grass look alive in this treatment.

I posted a different version of this same photograph on Instagram using Snapseed. You can see it in the gallery to the right. Hey who says that I can’t use the same photograph multiple times?

I’m linking with “The Creative Playroom” today.