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Downtown Tulsa – Doing the Lartigue Shuffle

I own a lot of cameras. Three of them are pretty good the rest are just plain weird. At least to some. One of my favorites is the Takashi Digital Effects 521 camera. ┬áIt is a 5 MP digital camera with fixed focus, several special effects modes, and most intriguing, no shutter. Yep, that is right no shutter. You press the button and the sensor scans the image. So what you say? I’ll tell you what. If you get the camera moving while the sensor scans you can get an interesting effect named the Lartigue Effect.


So I can make all the buildings sway to the left.


And I can make them lean to the right.


Or I can make them shimmy in place.


The camera can take regular pics. They are kind of fuzzy just do the low fi nature of the device. I have to tell you that I love the look of the photo above.


Or I can make it shoot in a negative mode.

I have fun with my funky little low tech over priced camera.

What do you have fun with?