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Prom 2016 in the Books


Logan’s school had their prom Saturday night. He wore his late grandfather’s tux complete with vest and tie. The trousers fit pretty good after the alterations, the jacket and vest were fine.


The kid is so danged tall that Heather almost needed a step ladder to get all the motherly primping done. He cleaned up pretty well.


I thought he stood out in the crowd. (Sorry I couldn’t resist). The school arranged for an outdoor event center for photographs. You know for some reason they don’t invite parents to the proms. We had a good time with the kids at the pre-event.


The kid with his nervous and proud mother.


And with a friend.


Did I tell you that I thought he was the handsomest guy there?


And a few more friends.


And another. All the young gentlemen looked and acted the part.


Here he is with a childhood friend. They went to early grade school together and then ran into each other again when Logan started this high school. Tulsa is the biggest small town I’ve ever seen.


And then a call for the young ladies. They were all beautiful in the elegant dresses.


And then the ladies and the guys.


And then the guys, and it kind of went downhill from there. Just kidding, they were a spirited but fun bunch.


And then on the way to the prom we stopped at his grandmother’s house for yet another photo op. These two have a special bond. He was proud to wear his grandfather’s tuxedo and she loved seeing Logan wear it.

And that is where the photos end. We dropped him off and then went back to give him his change of clothes for the after prom and then picked him up after that. I was proud to be chauffeur for the evening.

Lots Going on Here Lately

There has been lots going on these days. I have not been a very good blogging friend I am sorry to say.


Heather, Logan, and Nana after the play.

Let me see, first up this week, Logan was in a play at school. He plays Baloo the bear in the play “Just so Mr. Kipling” a drama based on Kipling’s characters in The Jungle Book.


It is a a great role for Logan with his deep booming voice. He makes a great bear. The kids all did great. For a one act play it has  pretty large cast and you can tell the kids and the director really worked hard on it. They competed in a regional competition a couple weeks ago and won first place. So next week the State Championship so we are all loading up and heading down to Mustang, Oklahoma where the competition is being held.


And then Wednesday night was Corporate Night at Tulsa’s Oktoberfest. We took some customers to the event to drink beer, do the chicken dance, and wear funny hats. I didn’t take too many pics. Not good when you are with customers. I did get a pic of our VP of Operations holding two full beer steins. I am not sharing the pic with you guys though. At least not yet. Maybe after I retire, or he retires, or something like that.


The beer was great. This is Lagunitas IPA. Yum, yum, is what I say.


And then Thursday night the choir’s at Logan’s school gave a concert. Everybody from the first graders on up. Again they did a great job. Again, all I got is fuzzy pics from my cell phone. Sorry.


Saturday, Logan and I are heading out to the Wizard World at Tulsa’s Comicon. Fun, fun,fun exploration of the weirder side of our popular culture.. This pic is from last year’s event.

So that is what we have been doing. Kind of bouncing between Culture, Debauchery, Divine Music, and then Popular Culture. I’m really messing the kid up.

What have you been up to?

New School for Logan this Year


Young Logan has started a new school this year and so far everything is going great!! He has been going a week and a half now and he seems to really like it.  He is taking some tough classes like Biology, Geometry, and Sign Language.

Mud Night at #metrochristianacademy #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok fun fun fun! #snapseed

The school really makes an effort to make everyone feel welcome with several events such as as “Mud Night” which fortunately was more grassy than muddy but was still a lot of fun for everybody. The kids certainly got into it. We are so proud of Logan, despite not knowing anybody he went to the first dance and the mud night and had fun.  We are also proud of the other kids. Some of them are really making an effort to include him in what is going on and making sure he has somebody to sit with at lunch.

It is not a special needs school but they do have a program where they make accommodations and support for the kids that need it. We are very impressed with what has happened so far and are hopeful for the future.

Logan - chapel day

His old school served him well for years. He started out in public school and despite the efforts of his classroom teachers who put their heart and soul into their kids, the administration refused to provide the help he needed. We went to another school and it was a lifesaver. They gave him a voice (maybe too much of a voice!) and self confidence and he blossomed. We felt the need to change to a college prep school and encouraged by his speech therapist and an occupational therapist we started the search. Heather did all the work and it was a God thing, a door suddenly opened and we found a great situation. We know the going is going to be a lot tougher but we think he is up to it.

Further reports coming as things develop.