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Skywatch Friday – Halloween Tree Troll Edition

Wolf Moon NIK

The Full Wolf Moon came up over a week ago. I love the full moons and all the different names for them.

drone 15 nik

We have had several storm fronts move through. Not too bad though and if the wind isn’t too bad I launch the drone and here is a sunset from about a week ago or so.

Here is another more recent drone shot looking southeast from our house. A massive system came through complete with tornadoes and all that but missed us and didn’t do too much damage anywhere else. I could only take the drone up high enough to clear the roof lines because the wind was so gusty.

I’m a sucker for a meandering trail. Here is one at Washington Irving Park in Bixby just south of Tulsa.

And I like to find the quiet shots during busy events. At Oktoberfest last week I moved away from the crowd and got this skyshot. You wouldn’t know anybody is around.


And I said this is a Halloween post. Here is my bride Heather and son, Logan, at a pumpkin patch some years ago. He’s a college man and will be graduating this fall (we hope) and is even taller now. With him gone we don’t do much for Halloween any longer. We’ll turn out lots off and not pass out candy. Talk about a couple of old grouches, uh. Sorry, that is the way it is.

I also promised a Tree Troll, didn’t I. I found a dead one on a recent hike on Turkey Mountain.


It’s very gruesome, with his eyes bulging out and mouth gaped open laying sideways on the ground. Poor mountain tree troll 🙁

That’s is about it for today. I’m linking with Skywatch Friday, come join in the fun.