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New Car – 2019 Subaru Crosstrek


I purchased a new car last week, a Subaru Crosstrek. I got the “Premium” trim which is the middle of the road level. I opted for the “Eyesight safety system” that uses a stereo camera mounted close to visor and nag me when I go over the strips or median line and will stop the car if a collision is imminent. It also has all wheel drive. Other than that it is pretty basic, no power seats, or push button start. It does have seat warmers though.


Buying it was grueling and took a long time. I test drove the top of the line “Limited” version and they told me that had five of the premium’s available. When it come time to start talking specifics, it turns out that none of the five were available. I laughed to myself. Car dealers are all the same I said to myself. So I told them. Well that is too bad, give me a call you get some in. On the way home I called Heather and told her what happened and predicted that I would get a call within two hours about the miracle of miracles, they actually did have a car I wanted. So we went back and got the deal closed. I was not upset about the miracle of miracles. Life is a game right, and I enjoy my role in the game!!


My old car, the Kia Soul, served me well. Incredible at parking, and 100,000 miles and I all had done was maintenance, new tires and a battery. It was rough riding though, and noisy on the freeway. I drove 65 mph in 75 mph just so I could hear myself think.