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Six Word Friday – the Falls

The prompt today is Fall, cheater than I am I am going to use Falls. Last weekend I spent in the town of Idaho Falls. People in southeast Idaho sometimes just call the town “the Falls” kind of like people in Oklahoma call Oklahoma City, “the City” as in, “We went to the city last month.” Anyways Idaho Falls actually has a waterfall of the Snake River right downtown. So you are thinking I’ve gone way over six words. Well I hadn’t started yet you see. Anyways here I go.


Above the Falls!


Below the Falls!

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Six Word Fridays – Salt in the Spring Season

The Prompt this Week is “Season”

Salt is a Seasoning, close, no?

Close enough for Me, the Cheater

The Salt River in Central Arizona


A Man and His Puppy Play


Until the Lab Takes A Break


Looking Downstream at the Beautiful Desert


Or Upstream at the Spectacular Cliffs


or Some Unfocused Pretty Purple Flowers

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Six Word Friday – The Word this Week is Fall

It is time for Six Word Friday, are ready – The theme this week is “Fall.” I’m all excited about Fall although here in Oklahoma it is still pretty much still Summer.


Witchy Witches are part of of Fall


How About the Hand of Fall

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Or the Leaves Hanging on Together

#goodmorning everybody #sunrise #tulsa #oklahoma #skyviewers #igersok

Or the Closed Pool with Leaves


And Pumpkins All Racked Up Together

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