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Thanksgiving 2015

This year we loaded up with MIL Nana and Brother Bob and headed off to western Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.


We got there Wednesday afternoon and the it was warm if a little windy so Logan, Brother Bob (way back there) and I found a nature trail to stretch our legs a little bit.

A little bit later and we started a pre-celebration. Thanksgiving is not something you want to get into without warming up to it.


Among other things we celebrated Nana’s birthday. She likes bling, and among other things she got a blingy cap to add to her collection.


She even had a crown on her cake.

Thanksgiving 2015 Collage

We had a great time with the family and met one or two new members, played a game or two and ate a lot of food. And then we booked it Thursday right after dinner to beat an ice storm bearing down on us from Colorado. You know people are too worried about Syrian immigrants coming into the US. I say bring them on, put them to work, we could use hard working people here. What  I want is for Colorado to keep all their winter weather at home. Is that asking too much?

How was your Thanksgiving??

Skywatch Friday – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Skywatch

It is Thanksgiving. My brother Bob drove up from Corpus Christi to spend the holiday with us. My dad decided that traveling during the peak air travel time of the year was too hard so he is having Thanksgiving with friends of his in Idaho. So we are going to be a small group. Heather, Logan, brother Bob, and Heather’s mom, Nana.

Still we will have a good time and remember those who are no longer with us and who can’t be with us. Eat some great food and watch the Dallas Cowboys and we’ll be thankful that we we are all together. Well, I’ll be watching the Cowboys.

Skywatch Friday