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If You Show Me Yours, I Will Show You Mine!

I have an instagram account with yogiab as my handle. I generally post only one or two images per day. Many of the images migrate either to or from this blog. I follow several hundred accounts. If you have an instagram account please give me a follow, I’ll follow you back. I am really into interaction and appreciate others who interact as well. If you follow me and don’t like what you see, just unfollow or mute me. I’m a big boy and will survive. I already follow several fellow bloggers.

There’s an App called “Top Nine” which will find your nine most popular images on instagram for 2019. Here’s mine!

Top Nine Instagram Images 2019

So starting on the top left and working like a book, left to right, and down to the next row..

First is crane from one of the many construction projects going on in Tulsa these days. My most popular post. I have no idea why.

Next, is a sunset over the Arkansas River. I took the photo from my office building. I have taken hundreds of such photos. I will miss the vantage point when I retire at the end of April 2020.

Third, is a photo of the Arkansas River underneath the 22nd street bridge during our flooding last summer. It was toward the end of the day and so the golden light along with the very muddy water created some nice lighting. The flooding caused some misery for thousands of people in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

The next photo, middle row on the left, is from me and Heather’s thirty year anniversary trip to southeast Oklahoma at Beaver’s Bend State Park. Southeast Oklahoma is one of the best kept secrets around. If you are thinking of flat land and cows, you will be surprised at the mountains, clear running rivers, deep forests, and lakes in what is called “Little Dixie.”

Next is Mount Moran as seen over the Snake River in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. A magical place that I have been seeing all my life and never get tired of. Heather and I went there this past October.

The third photo on the middle row is the famous Moulton Barn on Mormon Row, also on the Grand Teton National Park. This may be the most famous barn in the world.

The next photo, the leftmost on the third row is from a business outing I took to northwest Oklahoma. I stopped and snapped a photo of it and posted it several years ago. The yellow plants are a canola field. Canola is a lot more popular since they changed the name from rapeseed several years ago. I posted the photo again this year as part of Jason Lee show at the Philbrook museum. This photo was selected for exhibition in the exhibit and you can see it until the end of next week at the downtown Philbrook here in Tulsa. It is hanging right next to another entry of mine also. Just bragging on myself I know.

The next photo is Tulsa’s beautiful Boston Avenue United Methodist Church. An art deco masterpiece designed by Bruce Goff. It may be the most beautiful building I have ever seen. I probably have hundreds of photos that I have taken of it.

And lastly is a moon shot. I have a Canon SuperZoom camera that I use for the moon. I hold it in my hand and shoot on auto. I had messed with fstops, tripods, and such for years and then I saw a youtube video where they said to just fill the viewfinder with the moon and let the camera’s auto settings figure out the rest. And you know, it works.

Anyways, try out instagram and give me a follow. I love viewing other people’s images.